“Kill the Bill… Kill the Bill… Kill the Bill.”

Kill the Bill protests have taken place in different locations around the UK, including Bristol, Liverpool and London. On the 21st March, people from Leeds also protested at the Millenium Square by Leeds Civic Hall.

Source: Leeds Live

The Kill the Bill protest was organised by Reclaim the Streets Leeds and Block the Bill. It was led by Sisters Uncut, which is a feminist direct action group that takes different actions to defend domestic abuse services. A speaker told the crowds at Millenium Square:

“I’m angry. I’m sad and I’m here because I need to say something. No more am I going to ask to be kept safe. No more am I going to ask to be treated with respect. I’m not going to ask anymore, I demand it.”

We got the opportunity to also speak to a member of the group to ask why she joined in. She told us that “if the people of the community don’t do anything, then there will never be justice. We speak for those who didn’t get a chance to. Those like Sarah Everard”.

Unlike other protests around the UK, the Kill the Bill at Leeds was a peaceful, non-violent protest.

The 307-page Police, Crime, Sentencing and Court Bill is set out to give the police force “more powers” during protests and introduces harsher penalties for serious crimes. For more information, check out our article!

Source: Leeds Live

Another Kill the Bill protest has been scheduled to take place again on Good Friday, same time, at the same place (Millenium Square from 1 pm to 3 pm). The event shared on Facebook, reads: “Building on the fantastic work of Reclaim The Streets Leeds and Block The Bill, there will be a peaceful protest opposing the policing Bill on Friday the 2nd April.

Last Updated on October 3, 2022