It can be really hard to find a succulent, cheesy burger to get you drooling and satisfy your taste buds. Rather than having to go on a tasting trial across the city, we have put together a list of the 11 best buns in Leicester for you to sink your teeth into.

1. The Instagrammable burger

Crafty Burger, St Martin’s Square Lecister

Where? Crafty Burger, St Martin’s Square
How much? From £9 to £12 for a burger and fries
Veggie option? Yes

If you live in Leicester it is almost certain you would have heard of Crafty — if you haven’t you must be living under a rock. Their burgers are raved about across the city, you only have to have a look at their Instagram page to understand why. They have eight burgers from you to choose from, including the Crafty Poet with a beef patty, smoked applewood cheddar, American cheese, smoked streaky bacon, salted onion crisps topped with BBQ sauce. They also have a vegetarian and vegan option.

2. The adventurous burger

grizzlers leicester

Where? Grizzlers, 95A Humberstone Gate, LE1 1WB
How much? From £5.99 to £6.49 for a burger
Veggie option? No

These guys like to be a bit more creative with their buns. So if you’re up for something a bit different why not try their Silly Billy (£6.49), which is a patty with peanut butter and hot banana drizzled with honey. If your prefer to stick to savoury, you could always try the Elvis Burger (£6.49) which is a patty with a hash brown, fried egg, caramelised onions and horse radish.

3. The modern burger

Boo Leicester

Where? Boo, 138 London Rd, Leicester LE2 1EB
How much? From £5 to £8.50 for a burger
Veggie option? Yes

This joint is for the more stylish of the burger lovers, as the decor and overall vibe of the place oozes cool and is a perfect spot to catch up with friends. It is also friendly on the purse strings too. A classic burger and fries will cost you £7.

4. The good time burger

Burger from Blues Bar And Grill in Leicester

Where? Blues Bar And Grill, 4 Filbert Way, LE2 7FQ
How much? From £5.95 to £7.50 for a burger
Veggie option? Yes

The recipe for their pattys is a sworn secret and it is obvious why, these guys have cracked it. With a great vibe, filled with energy and friendly staff and amazing burgers, it’s no wonder people keep coming back for more.

5. The cheap and cheerful burger

Burger from Daddy's Burger Van in Leicester

Where? Daddy’s Burger Bar, Beaumont Leys shopping centre, LE4 1
How much? From £2.70 to £6.50 for a burger with salad, fried onions and sauce
Veggie option? Yes

Don’t be fooled by it’s basic burger van exterior, these guys can most definitely compete with the big boys. This burger van takes pride in their patties and it really does show. Their extensive menu of burgers means you are spoiled for choice and you won’t be breaking the bank if you want more than one.

6. The wholesome burger

Burger from Cosy Club in Leicester

Where? Cosy Club, 62-68 Highcross Street, LE1 4NN
How much? From £8.95 to £13.95 for a burger with fries and salad
Veggie option? Yes

This shabby-chique restaurant know how to make hearty food. Their range of buns means you can play it safe or be a bit adventurous and go for The Brigadier, which is a beef patty with mature cheddar, pulled pork, chorizo, beef tomato, gherkin and chipotle mayo. If you are counting the calories but fancy a burger, you can have any of their burgers ‘naked’ — cheeky — which is served on lettuce instead of a brioche bun.

7. The plenty of choice burger

Burger from Fernandez Grill

Where? Fernandez Grillhouse, 10 Friar Lane, LE1 5RA
How much? From £7.49 to £10.99 for a burger and a choice of side
Veggie option? Yes

When it comes to aesthetics these guys have got it spot on. They also give you a choice of chicken breast, veggie bean, beef or crispy chicken breast to have as your patty in any of their burgers. You can then choose which type of burger you want from the Americana (£8.49/£9.49) with tomato relish, fried onions, gherkins, lettuce and mayonnaise to to Tower (£9.99/£10.99) which has two pattys, onion rings, hash browns, lettuce, tomato salsa and mayonnaise.

8. The hangout burger

Burger from Meatcure

Where? Meatcure, 19 High Cross Street, LE1 4PH
How much? From £6.50 to £12.00 for a burger
Veggie option? No

This intendent chain knows exactly what their customers want. Foosball? Check. Happy hour? Check. Sauces to pour over your patty’s? Check. What more could you possibly want. Their menu literally revolves around burgers so you know it’s what they’re best at.

9. The Halal burger

Burger from Kobe Sizzlers in Leicester

Where? Kobe Sizzlers Steakhouse, 64-66 London Road, LE2 0QD
How much? From £8.95 to £10.95 for a burger and triple cooked chips
Veggie option? Yes

This halal resturant knows how to get your mouth watering. They have burgers which cater to every taste from barbecue to Hawaiian and flaming hot so you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

10. The juices oozing out burger

Burger from Grillstock in Leicester

Where? Grillstock, 3-5 St Martins Square, LE1 5DF
How much? From £8.50 to £16.00 for a burger, sauce and house fries
Veggie option? Yes

This restaurant and bar inhabits everything from American culture including, the music, booze, and food. And we all know no one does a better burger than the Americans. Grillstock’s burgers aren’t suitable for date night though, as the cheese, sauce and meaty juices will ooze out of the burger and you sink your teeth into it so prepare to get messy.

11. The all-American burger

Burger and chips from Rockin Diner Leicester

Where? Rockin Diner, 2 Saxon Street, LE3 0BL
How much? From £2.99 to £4.99 for a burger
Veggie option? Yes

This American-style diner is packed with all your food-related guilty pleasures. Their burgers come with crinkle cut chips and are big enough to feed a small army. They also come in those cute red baskets to make you feel totally American.