Being named one of the European Capitals of Culture is not the only thing Liverpool has to offer its residents. Weaved between our many museums and copper statues are some of the best restaurants and bars known to man, a lot of them with built-in outdoor seating perfect for the few weeks of sunshine we’ve luckily been blessed with this summer. And this article just so happens to list the top 10 best outdoor restaurants in Liverpool!

10. The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden
Source: The Botanical Garden

Location: 49 New Bird Street, Liverpool L1 0AH

One of the staple areas of Liverpool is the Baltic Triangle. Like its Bermuda cousin, patrons should enter at their own risk as it’s easy to get lost in the sheer number of bars and restaurants crammed in there. One of which is the Botanical Garden – as full of delicious food as it is flowers. As is declared on the way in, you can expect a day of ‘gin, pizza & sunshine’ but they also have other items on the menu like bunuelos, Cuban style doughnuts for those with a sweet tooth, as well as sweet potato fries for those less adventurous but still wanting something different.

9. The Quarter

The Quarter Liverpool
Source: The Quarter

Located: 7 Falkner Street, Liverpool L8 7PU

The Quarter may be a bit pricy compared to some other restaurants, but they more than make up for it out of sheer quality and variety in their dishes. Everything is possible: if it can be cooked, The Quarter has it on menu. Italian, Mediterranean, vegetarian, even boring old British cuisine ensures that anybody sat under the umbrella of being ‘picky’ will not be going home hungry. With a blue seating area both under cover and in the sunshine, when the weather’s right it could almost fool even the most unimaginative into thinking they were having breakfast at Tiffany’s – Liverpool’s version of it anyway.

8. Free State Kitchen

Free State Kitchen Liverpool
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: 1 Maryland Street, Liverpool L1 9DE

Burgers. Beer. Brilliant. Free State Kitchen can be summed up in three words but that isn’t enough to properly describe just how good this restaurant is. Any visitor can understand why this beer garden is top tier just by the look of the food: never mind the taste! With a US style in mind the portions are sure to be big, and most of it comes with an optional side of cheese, whether that’s double stacked burgers or bean chilli nachos. If handhelds aren’t your dish, soups (AKA chowders’) and even some seafood is readily available. It’s definitely deserving a place among the best outdoor restaurants in Liverpool.

7. American Pizza Slice

American Pizza Slice Liverpool
Source: American Pizza Slice

Location: 122 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4JA

Food so nice they did it twice, American Pizza Slice is so popular in Liverpool that there is another restaurant at a second location on Whitechapel. There must be something about American style food that guarantee’s success because there’s nothing better than a big slice of meat feast pizza to go along with the Bold Street view after a few draining hours of lectures. Gluten free and vegetarian options are also available for student affordable prices, so nobody has to miss out on the experience – unless they have a vendetta against a good food.

6. Salt House

Salt House Liverpool
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: Church House 1 Hanover Street, Liverpool L1 3DN

Popular for its Spanish and tapas style food, the Salt House is a restaurant well known for its tastiness as well as it’s stand out look. Set directly across from John Lewis in all its modernity, the artful redbrick draws the eye and reflects the classy atmosphere of its menu. Monroyo Serrano ham, monkfish served with apple and cucumber remoulade, maybe round off the evening with a bit of Stornoway black pudding – perhaps even a sangria parfait. Just like our end of summer weather, the parfait is sweetness with a bite all in a fancy glass.

5. The Penny Lane

The Penny Lane Liverpool
Source: The Penny Lane

Location: 116-118 Penny Lane, Liverpool L18 1DQ

It wouldn’t be a list of anything, let alone restaurants, in Liverpool if there wasn’t at least one position dedicated to a Beatles-inspired establishment. The Penny Lane, aptly named for its location and the song, is primarily a wine bar that also happens to serve food. Stick with your typical Sunday roast and a pint or branch out and try some grilled salmon. Doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for, if it’s on the menu it’s guaranteed to be good. With multiple seating options plus an outdoor area in the front and back, the Penny Lane promises a meal with a view. To book call 0151 733 6229.

4. Brasco Lounge

Brasco Lounge Liverpool
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: Mann Island Buildings, Liverpool L3 1BP

Don’t walk to Brasco: run! And bring your dog too. That’s right, the Brasco Lounge welcomes guests on two legs and four in addition to serving good food. What more could you ask of a restaurant? If that alone can’t convince you, maybe their stellar meals will do the trick. Open from 09:00 AM to 11:00 PM a variety of foods are available from their nineteen brunch options all the way to their tasty mains; bang bang chicken, steak frites, pulled brisket chilli, and more. Undeniably, the Brasco Lounge can be numbered in the top 10 best outdoor restaurants in Liverpool.

3. Yanni’s Traditional Fish & Chips

Yanni’s Traditional Fish & Chips
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: 31-33 Lord Street, Liverpool L2 9SA

It has to be said – you can’t swing a cat in Liverpool without hitting at least three fish and chip shops. But that’s exactly why we should value the truly good ones out there. And Yanni’s, is really, really, good. With fresh fish delivered and cooked every day, Yanni’s transforms his chip shop from a guilty pleasure, into a guilty treasure. Yeah, battered fish and chips covered in curry might technically be bad for you but there’s no denying that Friday night chip shop feeling. Especially when that chip shop is affordable, delicious, and Yanni’s

2. Madre

Madre Liverpool
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: 6 Atlantic Pavilion Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 AE

Take your tastebuds on a trip to Mexico at Madre and don’t forget to try the Baja fish – tempura battered Atlantic cod, with jalapeño aioli and salsa Mexicana. Hot? Yes. Delectable? Also, yes. Madre also offers other such appetising meals like arbol chilli and lime chicken wings, or mushroom asada. And let’s not overlook the nachos, or the multiple kinds they have on offer.

1. Ego at the Punchbowl

Ego at the Punchbowl

This quaint, antique style pub also operates as a restaurant that is both nostalgic and modern at the same time. The exposed brick wall and wicker chairs give it an almost old-fashioned, quintessentially British style that somehow matches well with the eclectic menu. There is of course, the unforgettable Sunday Roast Dinner – capitalised because at this point the UK should promote it to a national holiday, like pancake day, only every week. The Ego at the Punchbowl (and might I add it’s an ego well deserved) doesn’t stop there. Enjoy your meal in the shade under the beautiful gazebo or soak up the sun in the open-air beer garden. Either way, dig in.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022