The Christmas holidays are almost upon us; we’ve nearly made it to the end of the strangest semester of our lives. But as we get closer to Christmas, our bank balance gets lower and lower. This obviously isn’t helped by a constant need to eat out, order in or take away. The classic ‘we’ve got food at the house’ has never been more relevant to us, but sometimes a good lunch deal is just too good to pass up on! So, whether you’re a fan of the humble meal deal, or want to splurge on Uber Eats, here are the most student-friendly lunch deals in Liverpool…

1. Boots Meal Deal

Boots meal deal
Source: Boots

Boots is the God tier of meal deals. Whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich, salad, wrap or even a flatbread, Boots has it covered, and don’t even get me started on the snacks. Boots literally sells everything! Where else could you restock on foundation, get your disposables developed and a meal deal for £3.39. If you want even better value for money, you can use your advantage card to pay for the meal deal, so it’s basically a free lunch!

2. Liverpool Guild

Liverpool Guild lunch deal
Source: Liverpool Guild Twitter

Address: 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5TR

We couldn’t write an article about student-friendly lunches without including the Guild. Give it a try, and soon you’ll be as obsessed with their burritos as I am. Whether you fancy trying their salt and pepper nuggets, loaded fries, or speciality burritos, there’s definitely something for you! The Guild is so student-friendly that the most expensive item on the menu is their £7.25 20 chicken nugget meal. If you’re in campus halls, the Guild is in an ideal location for you, and they’re still doing collections – you can order here, and pick up shortly after.

3.  Millennium munchies

Address: 274 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AH

One for those living on Smithdown, millennium munchies is a sandwich shop just past the Brookhouse, near the railway bridge. Most days, they have people queuing out of the door, trying to decide on their sandwich filling. The location of the sandwich shop is perfect for a quick study break walk during online lectures, ensuring you get out of the house at least once during lockdown! They have loads of sandwich fillings (hot and cold), so there’s something for even the fussiest of housemates.

4. Tesco The Pizza Company deal

Tesco Pizza Lunch deal
Source: Tesco

Now, this is a proper bargain! Whether you need sustenance during a study day, or you and your housemates just need a pick-me-up during lockdown, Tesco’s £5 pizza deal is the one for you. For £5 you can get a large The Pizza Company pizza, one side, and a dip stack – great value for money. This is ideal to share or keep all for you, spread over a few lunches.

5. Bottomless brunch

Bottomless brunch
Source: Turtle Bay (Liverpool Victoria Street) Facebook

Here’s to the real saviour of 2020. In our times of darkness and 10 pm curfews, bottomless brunch came to the rescue. Obviously, we’re now stuck in lockdown, so this is one to save for December, or perhaps even January. The queen of bottomless brunch has to be Turtle Bay! For £27, you can get a brunch dish, burger or roti, and two hours of unlimited cocktails, mocktails or Red Stripe – what more could you want? The chilled Caribbean vibes of the restaurant create the perfect environment to sit back, relax and have a good gossip over lunchtime.

6. Tavern Co

Address: 619-625 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AG

Tavern Co
Source: Tavern Company Instagram

Sticking with the brunch theme (come on, it kind of counts as lunch), we couldn’t forget the Tavern Company! The best brunch you’ll find on Smithdown, and perhaps even Liverpool, the Tavern Co’s extensive menu means you can go back time after time and never get bored. Although they are closed at the moment, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get your brunch fix before going home for Christmas. Their breakfast menu is served until 3 pm, making it perfect for a midday study break, when you need to get away from your assignments.

7. Greggs

gregs meal deal
Source: Gregs

Could it even be a list of student-friendly lunch deals, without the home of the steak bake? Greggs is the ultimate cheap lunch and is perfect if you’re looking for something warm to get you through a bleak and cold day. Their meal deals are great value – you can get a bake and a hot drink for £3.05, or even a sausage roll and hot drink for £2.80! If you’re not feeling a pastry, then they also offer sandwich meal deals as well as a pizza meal deal.

8. Dominos

dominos feed the flat
Source: Dominos

Ah Dominos, the official food of… everything? And with 50% off pizzas Monday to Wednesday, they can be your official food of lunchtime! You may find that the stress of online lectures and upcoming assessments is getting to your household; why not suggest a midweek lunchtime pizza party? This will allow everyone to have a well-deserved break, and refuel them for the rest of the week! Dominos also offer a ‘feed the flat’ deal for £30, which includes 2 large pizzas, garlic pizza bread, potato wedges, cookies and 1.25lt drink – an absolute bargain if you ask me.

I hope we’ve helped ease the tough decision of where to spend your hard-earned student loan on lunches. Let’s face it, you could probably pull some form of lunch together from the contents of your fridge, but the chances are it won’t be as good as any of these lunches! So we’ll leave you to start planning your next lunchtime excursion, which realistically is just extreme procrastination.

Last Updated on July 2, 2024