Liverpool is such an exciting city to live in, and it always feels like there are new places to discover. Along with balancing university work and keeping yourself alive, you want to make sure you explore Liverpool as a city. From the legacy left behind by the Beatles, to the iconic student night clubs, there are so many things to try out in this vibrant city. With this in mind, here’s the ten most important things you need to do in Liverpool before you graduate (in our opinion).

1. Experience Liverpool on the open top bus tour

Experience Liverpool on the open top bus tour
Source: Visit Liverpool

If you want to learn everything there is to know about Liverpool in one day, then the open top bus tour is perfect. There are two main open top bus tours running from the Albert Dock, one is a general city tour and the other is a Beatle’s tour. The city tour is really interesting for learning about Liverpool’s culture, from where the name ‘scousers’ came from, to seeing where Peaky Blinders is filmed. The Beatles tour, however, takes you all round Liverpool to see iconic Beatles locations, like where they lived and performed. This is a great way to get to know the city better, and it’s fun being a tourist for the day.

2. Sefton Park Palm House

Sefton Park Palm House Liverpool
Source: Visit Liverpool

The palm house at Sefton Park (you know, the big glass building) is absolutely stunning – perfect for your insta feed! It’s free entry to look around and even has a café so you can sip a coffee while soaking in the botanical paradise. If you really fall in love with the palm house you could even get married there one day! There are often events held there, such as the RAW Halloween parties next week, on the 28th and 30thOctober. There are still some tickets left for the events if you fancy getting spooky in Sefton.

3. Grab a pint at The Brookhouse

The Brookhouse Liverpool
Source: Pexel

If you’re looking for a classic student pub, then the Brookhouse should be your go-to. Located on Smithdown Road, the Brookhouse is ideal for its low prices and strong cocktails. On a Thursday they host a student night, where selected drinks are £1.70 – perfect for pres before Shit Indie Disco and Heebies. It’s not often you can get drunk for really cheap prices, but the 2-4-1 cocktails at the Brookhouse will sort you out in minutes.

4. Experience a night at The Raz (Blue Angel Nightclub)

The Raz Liverpool
Source: Raz Facebook

The Raz is Liverpool’s most infamous student night in Liverpool. I can guarantee most people who’ve studied in Liverpool have probably been to The Raz at least once – even if it was 30 years ago! If you’re at Raz Monday, you’re likely drinking one of three things, Raz Juice (cheap beer), Raz Bombs (cheap Jaeger bombs) or Fat Frogs (three flavours of VK mixed together), which are all super cheap. The Raz is a guaranteed messy night, which I think is because the drinks are so cheap and it’s cash only so you spend everything you can. Be warned though, once you’ve experienced the smell of The Raz’s basement, your life will never be the same again.

5. Have a foodie day out at Lark Lane

Lark lane is literally a hub of pubs, cafes and general eateries, making it one of the ultimate foodie days out in Liverpool. Whether you’re fancying Mexican food from La Parilla, or a boozy iced coffee from Press Bros Coffee, Lark Lane offers everything! You’ll also find lots of cute gift shops dotted about, where you can stock up on crystals, posters and plants – ideal for birthday presents. To get to Lark Lane it’s a nice walk through Sefton Park (if you’re coming from Smithdown), making it a cute day out.

6. Stroll along Otterspool Promenade

Otterspool Promenade
Source: Letsride

If you’re looking for a decent walk in Liverpool, then you should definitely check out Otterspool Promenade. This is a lovely walk along the Mersey for if you want to blow the cobwebs of a hangover away with some fresh air. You can finish off by walking through Festival Gardens, a peaceful area with a pond and waterfall. Festival Gardens isn’t far away from Lark Lane, so you could stop for an ice cream on your way back.

7. Dance to live music at the Cavern Club

The Cavern Club is possibly one of Liverpool’s most iconic music venues. Located on Matthews Street, the venue used to host the Beatles in its early years. Today, you can still catch live music at the Cavern Club, such as secret last minute warm up gigs for touring artists. Check them out on Instagram @cavernliverpoolfor their latest event updates!

8. Take a ferry across the Mersey

Take a ferry across the Mersey

Since applying to study in Liverpool, you’ve almost definitely had a family member singing the iconic Ferry Cross the Mersey song at you. As well as this, every time you visit home they probably ask if you’ve taken the trip across the river yet. The ferry is only a short journey to Birkenhead or Wallasey, but it’s such a prevalent part of Liverpool’s culture, that you need to make the trip before you graduate. The ferry departs from the Albert Dock area, so you can have an explore there too!

9. Get some chicken from Nabzy’s

Nabzy’s Liverpool
Source: UberEats

So this is a bit of a different cultural experience to the others on this list, but Nabzy’s is a must for your greasy post-night out takeaway! Nabzy’s is a chicken shop on Leece Street, opposite the Bombed out Church, and they serve the perfect drunk food (don’t ask me about when you’re sober). Back in 2019, an episode of Chicken Shop Dates was filmed there with KSI and Amelia Dimoldenberg, and you won’t miss the massive mural on the wall paying homage to this. If you’re living on campus then you should definitely end up at Nabzy’s at the end of your next night out!

10. Peruse the artwork at the Tate

The Tate at the Albert Dock is a super cheap day out, because most of the galleries are free entry, while also being really interesting to look around. The artwork is thought-provoking, as most of it covers serious topics that you wouldn’t usually think about. The café and gift shop are also a fun part of the day, as you can buy gifts inspired by the current exhibitions as well as art by local artists. The Tate is certainly somewhere to take your family when they visit to impress them with how well-cultured you are, rather than showing them your regular night clubs.

11. Go wild swimming

formby beach near liverpool

There are lots of places you can go for a quick dip near Liverpool. It’s one of the bucket list things you need to do as a student, because it sort of feels a bit adventurous and freeing, and something you do when you’re young. We’re not just talking the Docks either, but actually nice scenic places like Formby beach and so on.

Hopefully now, you now have a better idea of what Liverpool has to offer before you graduate. If you ever find yourself bored on a Sunday, why not check out one of our ten things to do before you graduate?