Every city has a whole host of quirks to get used to and Liverpool is certainly no exception. Liverpool’s cobbled streets have something to offer everyone, whether art galleries or tequila shots are more your vibe.  It’s a great place to experience student life. The city has a vibrant culture that across the course of your studies you will inevitably find yourself becoming part of. So, here are 10 things you will relate to if you go to university in Liverpool.

Scouse is a whole new language!

One thing Liverpudlians are known for is the Scouse accent! If you go to university in Liverpool, you’ll know that Scousers have their own set of words and phrases that are like a language all their own. Whether we’re ‘goin’ for a scran’ or we’re ‘made up we’re goin’ for a bevvy’. If you go to uni in Liverpool, you’ll become a master of the Scouse language in no time.

Superior nightlife

10 Things you'll relate to if you go to university in Liverpool
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Liverpool is well known for being one of the best nights out in the UK, especially for students. Forget the days of needing a ticket to get into a club and staying there for the whole night! In Liverpool, most nightclubs are free to get into. Plus you can bounce around from place to place easily. All our clubs are in the same part of town. It’s perfect if you want to listen to Heebie Jeebie’s live music, Electric’s indie disco. Then, finish off with cheesy hits at Popworld all in one night.

Beautiful parks

Did you know that Liverpool is famous for its’ beautiful cityscapes? Well, the city also has plenty of scenic spots perfect for picnics in the park, if that’s more your thing. From cute break out green spaces such as Abercromby Square to the beautiful lakes spanning across Sefton Park. There is plenty to keep the nature lover occupied whilst being at uni.


10 Things you'll relate to if you go to university in Liverpool
Source: Canva

It’s common knowledge that Liverpool is a city that dances to the beat of its’ own drum. So, it makes sense that the city has a long relationship with music. The city is famous for the likes of The Beatles and the M&S Bank Arena. However these days, there is always a gig going on in the city. There’s no better way to shift uni stress than by dusting off those dancing shoes and taking to the cobbled streets for a sing!

Famous football club rivalry

If you go to university in Liverpool, you’ll know that the most loaded question a scouser can ever ask is ‘you a red or a blue?’ They are referring to our two rival football clubs, Liverpool FC and Everton FC of course. Football is a huge part of Liverpool’s culture. Som if you’re a sports fan, rest assured there is a huge community of footie fans waiting here for you to join them.

Art galleries and museums

Calling all art and history buffs! Liverpool is home to some of the most renowned art galleries and museums in the country. This includes the Walker Art Gallery, Tate Liverpool, World Museum and the Maritime Museum (to name just a few!) Considering how much culture there is to explore in the city it’s understandable it’s considered a jack of all trades in terms of its’ cultural and historical links. If you haven’t spent a day pottering between all these cultural hotspots, have you even been to Liverpool?!

Shop ‘til you drop

10 Things you'll relate to if you go to university in Liverpool
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If you’re in need of some retail therapy, then look no further. Liverpool is well known for its’ variety of retail outlets. The most notable one is the open-air shopping venue, Liverpool ONE, which hosts 170 shops. Equally, if independent stores are more your style, you’ll find plenty of vintage treasures along the city’s beloved Bold Street. The only pitfall? You’ll certainly struggle to hold onto your student loan with so many bargains to splurge on!

Good grub

From chains to cute independent restaurants, there’s no doubt about it that Liverpool has good grub. Perhaps you’re looking for a sweet spot for brunch with your housemates in the Georgian Quarter? Or maybe a quick café pitstop before lectures?  Either way, if you go to university in Liverpool you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice for food.

City scenery

10 Things you'll relate to if you go to university in Liverpool
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There is plenty of sightseeing to be done right across the city. Visit the Royal Albert Dock, the Georgian Hall or see the famous Liverpool skyline. If you study in Liverpool, you really are spoilt for city scenery. There’s no need to try and escape from the concrete jungle in Liverpool. In fact, chances are you’ll love escaping into it!

You can always find a friendly face

Liverpool is considered one of the friendliest cities in the UK for a reason! The people here are warm and witty, and welcome students into the Scouse community with open arms. If you go to university in Liverpool, you’ll know that you never have to look far to find a friendly face. Liverpool will feel like your second home in no time at all. 

That’s a wrap on our top 10 things you’ll relate to if you go to university in Liverpool!

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Last Updated on July 3, 2024