Pasta places in Liverpool are a dime a dozen – but that doesn’t make them all good! To be included on this list of the best pasta places in Liverpool they have to meet certain requirements. Requirements like; menu, variety, look, and most importantly, taste! Italian restaurants are a popular choice in our lovely city, so let’s get down to business and check out the where to get the best of these saucy dishes.

10. Amalia

Pasta dish at Liverpool restaurant Amalia
Source: Lobitech

Location: 2 Campbell Square, Liverpool L1 5FB

Amalia is a quaint little Italian restaurant with a delicious list of pastas on offer. They can range from the plain but spectacular spaghetti bolognase to the fancy tagliatelle. Okay, pasta can’t technically be fancy since it’s a food and everything, but it still sounds like what people with money would order. Ergo; fancy pasta! Amalia also offers everyday foods like pizza, and traditional Italian dishes like pollo crema. For anyone not full even after their plate of pasta…

9. Bella Italia

Bella Italia best pasta places in Liverpool
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: 39 Ranelagh St, Liverpool L1 1JP

Bella Italia might be a chain restaurant, but it’s still one of the staple pasta places in Liverpool. This place is ragu-mad, so anyone of a like mind should feel right at home here. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options of the set menu, which is just one way they provide variety. Some places stick with one type of pasta but at Bella Italia they’ve got it all; spaghetti, rigatoni, mafaldine, everything!

8. Il Forno

Traditional pasta at Il Forno, Liverpool
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: 132 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AG

Welcome to Il Forno! Or, in English, The Oven. And this restaurant is hot! You can dine in or take away and each way you’re guaranteed a tasty pasta dish. And better yet, the menu is affordable, which is something lots of students need to consider when it comes to eating out.

7. Crust

Pasta places in Liverpool Crust
Source: Crust

Location: 25 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4DN

Crust specializes in the three thing’s students love the most: pasta, pizza, and beer. It’s literally their business slogan. It’s also, like Bella Italia, an affordable restaurant and one of the places you need to try while you’re in Liverpool. They’ve got a few of those gnocchi for order even if nobody can actually say the word. Not to mention their lasagne and linguine meals.

6. Gino D’Acampo

Pasta dish at Gino D'Acampo restaurant
Source: The Guide Liverpool

Location: 1 Castle St, Liverpool L2 4SW

Now if pasta really could be fancy, Gino D’Acampo would be the type of restaurant to serve it. From a rigatoni with wild boar ragu to linguine with lobster – Gino D’Acampo’s unusually exotic menu is worth the price for this pasta-licious treat.

5. Piccolino

The best pasta places in Liverpool, Piccolino
Source: Piccolino Restaurants

Location: 14A Cook St, Liverpool L2 9QU

Piccolino is a restaurant where the food inside looks just as beautiful as the building it’s served in. Naturally, this means it is a bit pricier compared to other restaurants on this list. With the most expensive pasta dish coming in at £28.50 for a plate of linguine all’aragosta, diners at Piccolino expect the best. And that is exactly what they get! From the cheapest to the most pricey, every pasta served tastes heavenly and is worth the cost.

4. Pasta Cosa

Pasta Cosa, pasta places in Liverpool
Source: Pasta Cosa

Location: 12 Castle St, Liverpool L2 0NE

Dine in, order out, or click and collect: Pasta Cosa can do it all and still keep serving high quality food. It’s exactly this reason it has earned a spot on this list of the best pasta places in Liverpool. They practically have a ‘build-your-own-pasta-dish’ built into the menu. You can choose which type of pasta (out of six options), what kind of sauce you want on it, and even add in any extras. Amazing!

3. The Italian Club

The Italian Club Liverpool
Source: The Guide Liverpool

Location: 85 Bold St, Liverpool L1 4HF

We’re coming up on November now and for students that means one thing: assessments. Sure, we’ve still got a good few weeks, but for some the stress and revision starts early. And a delicious pasta dish is just one way of many to reduce stress. And The Italian Club is the ideal restaurant to do it in. The warm and cosy interior paired with a tasty penne alla principessa is like a weight lifted off your shoulders in just one bite.

2. The Quarter

Pasta Benedict The Quarter, Liverpool
Source: Trip Advisor

Location: 7 Falkner St, Liverpool L8 7PU

The Quarter takes its pasta dishes to the next level – every meal comes with handmade linguine. The effort and passion they put into every single serving never fails to produce something appetizing. A Bold Street restaurant strikes again with an endlessly tasty menu.

1. Villa Romana

Villa Romana in Liverpool
Source: Villa Romana

Location: 6 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4AQ

Villa Romana has a total of FIVETEEN pasta dishes on offer to it’s customers. FIVETEEN! So much variety – so much flavour. It’s definitely not a pasta place you should miss out on. The menu boasts all kinds of food – seafood pasta, traditional tomato sauce pasta, any way you can think really. And yes, the restaurant is definitely Instagram-worthy, full of tile and mosaic styled décor.