Sometimes all we need to have a good time is a trip to the bar. Forget the screaming loud music that’s impossible to talk over, and consider a more intimate setting. A bar is the perfect medium between a boring old restaurant and an overwhelming – but, sometimes fun – night club. Of course, those might be just your thing but these bars are just too good to miss. So indulge, and pop in at any one (or even them all) of the most instagrammable bars in Liverpool listed right here.

8. Boujee Restaurant and Bar

Boujee Liverpool
Source: Boujee Liverpool

Location: Liverpool One, Kenyons Steps, Liverpool L1 3DF

In my opinion, there is no such thing as too much pink. If you’re of a similar mind, then Boujee Restaurant and Bar may just be the place for you. Pink floor, pink walls, pink chairs, even pink pillars. So pink in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were in fact the weekend getaway for Pinkie Pie. But, the eccentricity of Boujee’s theme is exactly what makes for such an interesting and – arguably more important – instagrammable snapshot. Of course if just the pink seating isn’t enough, you can always get a few selfies in their pink shoe closet, surrounded by pink shoes, next to the pink LED wall decoration of, you guessed it, a shoe.

7. The Merchant

This Liverpool bar has been named the best in Liverpool - Liverpool Echo
Source: Liverpool Echo

Location: 40 Slater St, Liverpool L1 4BX

Relaxed, antiquated in an aesthetically pleasing way, this bar can be toted as one of the icons of the Ropewalks. With a great atmosphere and a great look to go with it The Merchant’s brick and vine outdoor seating deserves both a spot on this list, and any picture taken of it. A fun place whether you’re out for an afternoon pint or looking for a calmer evening drink with your friends – The Merchant is not the place you want to miss.

6. Abditory

Bar - Picture of Abditory, Liverpool
Source: Tripadvisor

Location: 22 Queen Ave, Liverpool L2 4TZ

Abditory, meaning; a place for hiding or preserving articles of value. And this bar is indeed a hidden treasure. Maybe I’m breaking an unspoken rule here by revealing its location but I think it’s warranting some recognition beyond those already in the know. an Old Fashion in ways beyond the drink, the Abditory poses as the perfect image of a 20’s inspired look without being an explicitly themed bar. Like stepping into the past, just without losing any of my favourite human rights granted to me in the last 50 years or so.

5. Bierkeller

Liverpool - The Bierkeller
Source: Bierkeller

Location: 6-8 Thomas Steers Way, Liverpool L1 8LW

Every day is Oktoberfest at Bierkeller. Only, with the added benefit of outdoor seating and maybe some football if it’s on. Take some snaps of the brick arches over the bar or, if they’re willing, a few selfies with the costumed staff. Everyone knows that lederhosen is a winner so you’ll rake in the likes whether Bierkeller is an instagrammable bar or not. Just don’t be forgetting that it is!

4. Red Door

First look at stunning new rooftop bar Eden at Red Door - open just in time for Summer - Liverpool Echo
Source: Liverpool Echo

Location: 21-23 Berry St, Liverpool L1 9DF

Dress up or dress down – just make sure its bums on seats and that those seats are in Red Door. This bar can only be described as a binary opposite. Its whole design is contrary. A white and wooden and wicker-y outdoor seating area that wouldn’t go amiss at a Downton Abbey garden party. A dark and broody indoors that would be perfect for some mysterious tall handsome stranger to be drinking alone in vis a vis Damon Salvatore’s best bits.

3. Lane7

Lane7 Liverpool Bar
Source: Lane7

Location: Clayton Square, Cases St, Liverpool L1 1QR

It’s fun. It’s colourful. Lane7 is bowling, but with a twist. See, if you’re anything like me you enjoy the simpler things in life. However, it can’t be denied that these simpler things can sometimes be made all the more enjoyable with a glass of something cold and alcoholic in hand. Particularly, when competition is involved. The fun aside, Lane7 has a bright neon look that drawn the eye and photographs well no matter what the picture is actually of. For selfies, I would recommend white clothing or nail polish, so as to match the environment suitably.

2. Motel Bar

Motel Bar | Liverpool Bar
Source: DesignMyNight

Location: 5-7 Fleet St, Liverpool L1 4AR

Motel Bar is an eccentric and instagrammable bar that both looks and promises to be a good time. Something about shimmery silver tinsel curtains just seem to take to photography well. And even if they don’t, at least everyone will know you’re having a better time than they are. Because anyone who can survive a good few hours with red neon slogans, caricature art, and purposely flaking paint over the now-exposed brick walls is guaranteed to be hardcore.

1. Berry and Rye

Berry & Rye
Source: Creative Tourist

Location: 48 Berry St, Liverpool L1 4JQ

Back to the 1920s once more, the Berry and Rye bar is the best speakeasy I can think of to post on Instagram. It makes inhabitants nostalgic for the illegal sale of alcohol during a prohibition that England was lucky enough to never endure. I suppose that’s the intention though, really. Pretty martini glasses and the occasional charcuterie board really work with the red brick and waxed wood of the bar for an overall warm look. Bottoms up chums, let’s get squiffy!

All of these Liverpool bars are considerably instagrammable in some way or another. No matter their photogenic looks these bars are all undeniably a good place to put your feet up while downing a few drinks.

Last Updated on January 24, 2024