This week, Liverpool has been placed on the tier 3 COVID-19 alert, due to the cases consistently rising in the city and surrounding areas. For us students, it’s a confusing and potentially scary time to be away from home. One thing that has been made relatively simple though, is getting tested if you begin to display COVID symptoms.

If you have symptoms…

In an email sent out to students and staff in May, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education, Gavin Brown explained how there would be free COVID-19 testing on campus, with results within 24 hours of taking the test. In later emails, Brown laid out the university’s guidance that anyone experiencing symptoms must begin isolating as soon as they experience symptoms and book a test through this link, as soon as possible. If you experience symptoms, your whole household does not need to be tested as well, unless they too show symptoms, but they do need to isolate for 14 days too, regardless of if they show symptoms. The COVID testing centre is on campus, just off the path running from Abercromby Square to University Square.

Free testing for all students at Christmas

covid test centre at liverpool uni
Source: Liverpool News

One of the newer scare-mongering stories circulating recently was that university students could be banned from going home over Christmas, to prevent the spread of COVID. However, in an email sent to all staff and students on 29th September, Vice-Chancellor Janet Beer, reassured students that the university will provide COVID-19 testing to anyone wanting to travel home for the winter break. Obviously, if you test positive for COVID when you get tested at Christmas, then you should isolate at your term-time address, rather than go home.

Free masks

free masks at liverpool uni
Source: @liverpoolguild Instagram

Along with free COVID-19 testing, the university is enforcing mask-wearing everywhere on campus, even outside. To help with this rule, they are providing two free university of Liverpool-branded masks per student. These are available to collect from; Liverpool Guild of Students; the Sports Centre; Electrical Engineering and Electronics; and Life Sciences. If you are unable to wear a mask, then the university is encouraging you to wear a sunflower lanyard, to make people aware that you are exempt.

I hope you’re now feeling more reassured about the university’s testing process, and what to do if you or your housemates begin to display symptoms. Remember to keep following the government’s advice, and lookout for any further updates from the university.