“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” This is how Eleanor Roosevelt described the importance of having genuine friendships in our lives. The topic of close connections with the people is not only explored in literature or films but also researched in psychology. There are plenty of legitimate reasons that friendships are important. Firstly, friends reduce the levels of stress, assist you to have a better memory function in the old age and even expand your life-span. Secondly, pals can aid in establishing and advancing your career. Moreover, friends can inspire you to become healthier and learn more about yourself, and improve your mood. Here you will find out how you can make friends in London.

1. Enrol in University or Join a Course

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The first step might seem like an obvious one, but if you wondered if the university degree is worth taking, and if you should be challenging yourself, the answer is yes. At university, you will not only be studying, but there will be various extra-curricular activities, societies or events!  They are usually organized in this way to help expand the possibility of learning interesting things and meeting new people that often would not cross your path. Joining a course might be a bit different experience depending on a chosen organization and skill or speciality. However, usually, you can still encounter someone there.

2. Install an App

How to make friends in london
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That’s correct. During the times of COVID-19, it became difficult to meet the new acquaintances in person. Still, smart technologies found a simple solution for that if you are craving to get to know new people and somehow fight a boring routine. Now you can not only find dating apps but also install a programme that will introduce you with strangers that are simply looking for a friend.

3. Attend an Event

how to make friends in London

As basic and silly as it sounds, coming to an event can also open possibilities. In the UK the range of events is wide, both in-person and online. Due to the current circumstances, it is not possible to attend events hosted eye-to-eye. Still, various activities with different price points are constantly held and welcome the customers online. Majority of the events can be found every day at the Eventbrite, TicketSource or in TheList.

4. Enter an Online Chatroom, Group or a Forum

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Have you ever received a message from an unknown person that was inviting you to join a group chat? If yes, then there you had a chance to say hello to someone for the first time. Another option of participating in an online conversation is by entering into a Facebook group based on your beliefs and interests. Online forums, for example, Reddit or Quora are a great way to strike a conversation with the Internet people all around the world based on any topic that you enjoy.

5. Play a Game

how to make friends in London

If you are a gamer, you probably have met many people from various countries by playing. If not, now is a perfect time to try this activity. If you were sceptical about gaming, it might be useful to change this perspective, because mentalfloss found fifteen reasons for how playing video games can improve your life quality. Whether you choose to play games via Facebook, Xbox, EA or another provider, this activity can bring you brain stimulation or a sense of joy during these cold quarantine evenings.

6. Text to a Random Person

How to make friends in London

You probably have many friends on your social media, but with how many of them do you actually talk? Texting to a random person might seem really challenging at first. Still, it can be exciting, because you can find many things in common with someone you thought you could not, and maybe even gain an online friend. This adventure can also work as a psychological exercise to challenge your bubble of comfort and make you grow as a person. Pick that smartphone and improve yourself now! Just be careful if you do get chatting to someone new… you really don’t know who’s on the other end.

7. Volunteer

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Due to current circumstances, volunteering might look like a crazy idea. However, it still can be done by following the rules of the government. Making a kind non-profitable gesture is a fantastic way to give your time and attention to the communities in need. It can also give you valuable experience and make you learn things about the surroundings, work of organizations and social issues. Also, don’t forget a great addition to the CV that can help you stand out in the job market. Just make a google search, and you will find plenty of advertisements related to volunteering.

8. Find a Job

how to make friends in london

Right now, it might be a challenging task to find a job unless you have digital skills. Still, one-day restaurants and closed shops will probably be operating again as they used to. Then you will be able to look out for the usual work again and meet with the people eye-to-eye. However, this time can be used smartly, and you can invest your time and effort to gain new skills or join one of the key workers’ positions.

9. Go to the Park or Library

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Currently, people might be afraid of creating new spontaneous bonds in person, but hopefully, these days will end soon. You probably have seen scenes in films or books where people unexpectedly meet at the park or in the library and then their lives change forever. It can be true because you never know what surprises life holds each day.

10. Visit a Café, Restaurant or a Bar

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Visiting a café, restaurant or a bar and meeting new people there looks like another scenario that reminds you of a film or a book. However, spending more time in these places means leaving your comfort zone and letting yourself to see what life can unexpectedly give to you with a slight shift of routine. Here are lists of cafes, restaurants and bars that can change your life.


Friends and lovers can come into our lives unexpectedly and spontaneously but leave a huge impact. The global pandemic can be blamed for not having enough opportunities to encounter new people. However, we can look at this challenging time from another perspective and try to do our best with the online tools.