You’d be hard-pressed to find any student who didn’t think their city was the ultimate location for the uni experience.

But Londoners know the truth. Students in the capital are living the uni life in the greatest city the UK has to offer and here’s why.

1. The food

Finding amazing food in London on a student budget is nowhere near as difficult as it may seem. The city is booming with a large variety cafes and restaurant catering to everyone’s needs. Whether you stroll through one of the many food markets or hit up one of the many indie spots, you’re guaranteed to find amazing food to indulge in.

2. The music scene

London has one of the most diverse music scenes in the world. From the tiny stage in Rough Trade East to the O2 Arena, London’s got it all in form of 300 venues. Being the capital, London’s a guaranteed tour hotspot for most bands and artists and with the plethora of beautiful and historical venues, there’s always a gig to go to.

3. Endless creative opportunities

London is awash with creativity. If you want to break into a certain industry, be it singing, acting, writing, art, photography, film, design or pretty much any pursuit under the sun, you’re a lot more likely to make it here than anywhere else in the country, due to the sheer number of possibilities.

4. A transport network like no other

Getting from A to B has never been easier or faster. In fact, no matter where in the city you seem to be, you’ll be able to get just about anywhere in less than an hour. Ranging from busses to Boris bikes to the Emirates Air Line the transport options seem endless. Sure, it might seem pricy when you buy your weekly travel card, but you’ll be amazed just how far £1.50 on the good old stage coach will get you. Also, with five airports in the city the world is your oyster and for international students going back home couldn’t be easier.

5. Everything is close together

London is a big city but you’d be surprised how quickly you can walk places. With all the famous landmarks placed strategically close to each other, you’re never far away from history and culture. Having everything you could possibly need within walking distance also means you get to save money on transport — and you’ll get your daily exercise done walking to and from the pub.

6. Art, art everywhere

Whether it’s the Brick Lane street art, the Bowie mural in Brixton or the abundance of free galleries and museums scattered throughout the city, London contains plenty of visual wonders for you to gawk over as you’re out roaming about.

7. There’s always something going on

Bored on a Saturday? Go on Time Out and see what’s on that day. London never sleeps and it’s certainly a city with an abundance of varied activities. Want to be an extra in a film? You probably can somewhere. Fancy a weird pop-up shop in Shoreditch? Go for it! Want to partake in the annual pillow fight on Trafalgar Square? Of course you do! You can say a lot about London but one thing it isn’t is boring.

8. Plenty of variety

One of the best things about London is how multicultural it is. Every area has its own distinct style and atmosphere, which means you don’t get sick of your surroundings as everywhere is different. There are people from all over the world residing here and contributing to the London culture, which is evident in the shops, restaurants and markets giving you an insight into other cultures. From Chinese and Vietnamese communities to proper Danish bakeries, London can easily take you on a tour of the world without you having to leave the city.

9. Londoners

Londoners are great. Yes, they’ve got a bit of a reputation in the outside world but they’re truly special. Although tolerant and accepting of all (unless your Oyster Card doesn’t work or you’re on the wrong side of the escalator), they’ll happily do whatever it takes to avoid any sort of eye contact on the tube. But if you’re in the mood for a chat, hop in an Uber or take out a small loan for a Black Cab and you’ll get out feeling well emotional about that time your driver’s cat died.

10. Nightlife

What would this article be if the iconic London nightlife wasn’t mentioned? You’ll never be out of options when it comes to a night out. With venues such as Bussey Building, Ministry of Sound and XOYO being known for their student vibe and for having something on most nights, turning your average Tuesday night into a right bender isn’t difficult.

11. Shopping galore

Splurging away your student loan on material stuff is a little too easy in the city. Of course there’s Oxford Street and the two Westfields, but if you’re not in the mood to get trampled down by tourists Shoreditch is amazing for independent and charity shops. Another cool thing is the massive vintage kilo sales being held throughout the city, where you’re able to commit daytime robbery and get a whole wardrobe for a ridiculously low price.

12. Jobs

We are all aware of just how pricey London life can be. Luckily though, we live in a city where finding part-time work next to your studies is relatively easy. On top of this, London is the hub of jobs with most industries from creative to finance having their headquarters in the city. It’s also without a doubt the best place to be internship-wise and with a lot of employers constantly looking for fresh graduates to take the city with storm, you’ll be well off coming here.

13. Political marches and protests

If there’s something students in today’s society like, it’s to have their voices heard and do what they can to make the world a better place. Given the current state of the world there are organised marches and protests happening all over London, presenting you with an opportunity to not only stand up for humanity, but to bond and make new friends with people as angry as you are.