If you haven’t been to Secret Cinema yet, then you are truly missing out. One of the best immersive experiences in London, the experience starts as soon as you reach the meeting point, with the location undisclosed until the day.

Once you make your way inside the venue, you are instantly thrown into the set of Guardians of the Gallaxy, with each room bringing a different aspect to life, allowing you to experience the film as if you are in it yourself. Watch out for the characters who are giving you hints and tips along the way, they may even lead you to a secret room… Dressed as part of the cast, you can decide whether to stand out or blend in. If you’re struggling on what to wear, check out the shop of Secret Cinema where you can get props for the night. The link is emailed to you pre-event.

Secret Cinema: Guardians of the Gallaxy

We met burglars, hyped up superheroes and even took part in a dance competition with an intergalactic drag queen. The Guardians themselves also made an appearance, playing out scenes before our eyes.

If you’ve been to Secret Cinema before, you’ll know it’s best to get stuck in the experience to not miss any vital parts. This starts pre-event by learning your pre-assigned clan’s anthem, bringing items to trade in-world and of course (the best bit) turning up in the best outfit.

You’ll spend a couple of hours exploring the two areas in the venue but then the special ending will begin. Make sure to bag yourself a good spot to watch the theatrics begin. (hot tip: anywhere close to the raised walkway is best).

Secret Cinema London

If you are undecided on whether to grab your tickets, trust us, this is one event you will not regret. You can purchase tickets here. Tickets are from £35 per person. Towards the end of the event, you can watch the film in a large theatre. Tickets for the immersive experience and film start from £49.