What makes a restaurant a good restaurant? (Aside from the food?). Many people cite a restaurant’s aesthetic as a crucial component, others mention the ambience.

A good restaurant is comprised of several important aspects but we doubt noise featured on your list.

Noise can be a good thing or a bad thing, it depends how you look at it.

To some noise is a signifier, a bat signal for the coordinates of the best food in the area / noise signals the where the best food is. The blend of ravenous customers waiting to be seated is infectious and alluring. These people enter these spaces looking to contribute to the mass voices, clanging cutler, laughter and overall enjoyment.

To others noise is a nuisance, deafening and maddening. While we ourselves wouldn’t recommend any of these locations or a first date, these are without a doubt the most lively and dually noisiest restaurants in London! (With great food too!)

1.Shack- Fuyu

At number 1 we have Shack – Fuyu!

This is quite literally the noisiest restaurant in London! At 94dB Shack Fuyu is undisputed.

The legendary Japanese pop was transformed into a restaurant due to its insane demand. The loyal and desperate customer base such as this, it’s no surprise Shack- Faye is heaving – just look at their menu.

2. MEAT Liquor

 MEAT Liquor London

Meat Liquored has a simple objective – to fill you up with as much food as possible.

Come hungry Leave wobbly

Their shameless moto rings true promising to bring your meat fantasies to life!

Fear not vegetarians and vegans, their menu is politely colour coded so you can find your alternatives easily.

Meat liquored is so popular, the restaurant is full from the second it opens. You’ll be lucky to get a seat. (So that’s where the noise comes from).

3.Duck and Rice

The Duck and Rice is an extraordinary pub serving Chinese cuisine in SoHo. Need we see any more? The spot is a hard target for SoHo goers and locals, whether there for a drink or sweet and sour rice.

Dually cosy and luxurious, if you want a slight respite from the noise below be sure to book a reservation.

4. Minas Grill

Minas doesn’t appear to have a website, however this only enlarges the fable surrounding the Portuguese restaurant. With dozens of raving reviews it’s easy to see why the restaurant is so noisy.

5. Katzenjammers

Katzenjammers is the only destination for high quality Bavarian food and entertainment. A full house all week long, Katzenjammers separates itself from the pack by frequently showcasing traditional performers. This in combination with its full house solidifies this bar/ restaurant as one of the noisiest restaurants in London.

6.Lobos Meat and Tapas

Lobos Meat and Tapas, nosiest restaurants London
Source: Lobos Meat and Tapas

Lobos Meat and Tapas is without a doubt one of the noisiest restaurants in London – the title is well deserved.

7. The Blues Kitchen

You’ve definitively seen people posting about the jaw dropping food at

The Blues Kitchen

Everyone appears to be in a rush to eat here and to be seen eating here. The ridiculous noise levels boasted here can be attributed to customers sheer excitement at being there and the aesthetically pleasing food .

8. 10 Heddon St

10 Heddon St London

Gordan Ramsey’s prestigious restaurant scores perfectly on every mark – food quality, ambiance and the liveliness you expect from a bustling food location. 10 Heddon St is just one of those places.

Unfortunately, places like this which demand a pristine standard are usually accompanied by a good amount of cash loss. For those eating out on a budget here are our list of the best restaurants that offer student discounts in London!

9.Joe and The Juice

Feeling hungry? Joe & The Juice is a hotspot for people who want to eat healthily and actually enjoy their food. This must be a rarity because of how packed the place is 24/7.

10.The Canton Arms   

Last but not least we have The Canton Arms.

Being the least noisy out of a list of the noisiest restaurants in London doesn’t really say much does it? Apart from it’s amazing and mouth-watering selection of food and drink

Nothing compares to going to a lively restaurant for the first time. The beautiful chaos of the floor sounds enhance the food, in an exotic of sound and flavour. Noisy restaurants are not for everyone but for their target audience, they effortlessly hit every mark.

This has been the top 10 noisiest restaurants in London! Enter at your own risk!

Did we miss out any other noisy restaurants? Please leave a comment below and let us know!