The afro caribbean pop-up will bring a small plates menu inspired by the head chef’s Caribbean roots.

Founder and Head Chef, Zana Millen, born and raised in Hackney, trained for 10 yrs as a chef and is now drawing on her Caribbean roots and inspiration from the London food scene to create PASSA PASSA’s ever evolving menu. Now taking up residency at Tola in Peckham with the now fully covered and heated roof terrace, PASSA PASSA will celebrate the new residency with a small plates menu. For £25, lucky eaters can get the full PASSA PASSA experience with unlimited exploration of the menu. Entry to the Wednesday events is only £5 with food being ordered separately. For those looking to go enjoy the food without the soundtrack, PASSA PASSA will be serving Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm till 12pm.

Passa Passa' kitchen takeover

Boasting a passion for traditional Afro-Caribbean cuisine and ingredients, Hackney-raised Zana Millen uses her heritage to create unique and creative dishes that bring more fire, energy and vibrancy to the lively and much loved cuisine of the islands. Through the small plate dining style seen at PASSA PASSA’s takeover let’s Londoner’s explore more of the zingy roots in one sitting.

With the launch of PASSA PASSA, comes the launch of Wicked Wednesday’s. The night where Tola brings a live soundtrack full of riddims to match the heat being cooked up in the kitchen. A selection of DJs providing you with the finest sounds, both old school and new, in dancehall, afrobeats & UK Funky that’ll be going all night alongside the food. Once people are done eating, they have the chance to move downstairs into the club.

Passa Passa' kitchen takeover

Zana Millen, Founder of Passa Passa says “After studying and working with food at college, I wanted more from the industry, for girls like me, and for people from my culture and background. Being from London means a lot to me, mainly due to the cultural melting pot! One minute I’ll be in Haringey eating a banging Tantuni, then picking up some Caribbean delicacies, followed by some crispy AF empanadas, then straight down to Hackney for a top notch bowl of Pho! Being from London has been such a big influence on me, to the point I think flavours and cultures should welcome each other’s differences and the similarities we share” 

The space is owned and operated by three childhood friends with deep ties to Peckham. The venue is named in honour of the Nigerian landlord, who ran the venue for the previous generation, and his legacy is continued through the focus on community, creativity, and good vibes.