So, you have found yourself in Manchester. A really big city that is literally a hive of activity. With it being such a big place and all it can be a little intimidating knowing where to start. But lucky for you, we’ve crafted a list of 10 things to do in Manchester so when tier 3 restrictions are lifted (whenever that may be) you have a list of activities ready to go.


HOME theatre Manchester
Source: HOME Manchester

HOME is a cosy, independent cinema, theatre and art gallery which is conveniently located near Oxford road station. If you are a film buff, this place is great for you because it shows the major blockbusters as well as showing more niche films that are not mainstream. And the best part is student tickets are only £5! It is nice knowing that you can support an independent business without breaking the bank account. Also, if you feel a little bit peckish during your trip, they also have a café, bar and restaurant onsite. Basically, you should defo go HOME.

2. Trafford Centre

Now I know what you are thinking: what is so special about a shopping centre? To be fair when you have seen one shopping centre you have seen them all but not the Trafford centre, my friend. Once you step inside, it is like you have been transported to another world. High ceilings, grand pillars and ancient Greek décor. You think it can’t get any better, and then you get to the food court. It is designed to look like a ship, and when you look up, the ceiling looks like the sky, and if you go at night, the stars are twinkling. You can play out your Jack and rose fantasy then grab a burrito. If you are sick of online shopping, jump on the tram and treat-yo-self!

3. Junkyard Golf

Mini golf is always a crowd-pleaser, but Junkyard golf takes it to the next level. Good music, good vibes and good fun. It is like golf meets nightclub. There are different zones to choose from, so you and your household/bubble can have a different adventure every time you visit. And when you get to the end of the course, there is a lovely bar where you can celebrate that fact that you are now a mini-golf champion. And if you are a student, a ticket is only £4- an absolute bargain!

4. Dog Bowl

Dog Bowl is a place that brings a little piece of the Big Apple to Manchester. It has something for everyone with ten-pin bowling, an arcade, bar and restaurant that is all New York inspired (so everything really is bigger in America). And students get 50% off every day apart from Saturday, which is pretty handy. So, whether you fancy a nice drink or you are ready to score a strike Dog Bowl has got you covered.

5. Media City

Media City is located in Salford, which is a little far out but can easily be reached by tram or bus. As you have probably guessed this is the place for all things media. Major companies like ITV and BBC have offices here in really pretty buildings. When you visit, there’s a river and a bridge that overlooks the whole area, which is a great place to take pics on a nice day. You can even make a day of it because there a plenty of nice bars, restaurants and cafés around.

6. The Northern Quarter

You may be forgiven for thinking you fell asleep in Manchester and woke up in New York City when you visit the Northern Quarter. The resemblance is so uncanny in fact that parts Marvel Studios chose to film some of the Captain America movies here- crazy right? That may be the international claim to fame, but there’s a lot of local stuff to get your teeth into. There are plenty of little quirky little shops to visit. Whilst the bars and restaurants may be a little on the pricey side, sometimes it is okay to be a lil’ fancy.

7. Curry Mile

If you are searching for a damn good curry in Manchester, then look no further than the Curry Mile! Located in Rusholme, the curry mile is a stretch of countless restaurants that serve Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. There are street food options for when you are on the go or fancier places that are excellent for a sit-down meal. Plus, there are some supermarkets that sell world foods that are harder to find in the average supermarket (I mean plantains are an essential item in my book). And plenty of restaurants are doing take-away services under tier 3 restrictions.

8. Chinatown

Did you know that Manchester has the largest Chinatown in the UK outside of London? Well, you do now. There are some excellent food outlets here that all specialise in Oriental cuisine. Some of which are doing takeaways and deliveries under tier 3 restrictions. Plus, if you are trying to improve your cooking skills over lockdown, there are supermarkets that sell Oriental ingredients so you could attempt some recipes at home. Food aside, if you fancy taking a stroll the architecture in Chinatown is gorgeous- totally worth a visit.

9. Gay Village

Canal Street is home to the fabulous Gay village in Manchester. Whilst wild party nights are a thing of the past (for now) once tier 3 restrictions are lifted you will still be able to go for a drink at one of the many bars situated in the village. With tons of glitter, cheesy pop tunes and a rainbow around every corner, there is no way you won’t have a good time at the Gay village.

10. Deansgate

And last but not least, we have the lovely Deansgate. Another social hive and home to plenty of restaurants and bars to visit and celebrate the end of COVID restrictions! Aside from that, Deansgate encapsulates the hustle and bustle of a city like Manchester. The skyline, especially at night, is amazing to see.

There you have it: 10 things to do in Manchester. I know a lot of them are not operating as normal, but it is still worth a visit. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! Manchester has plenty more to offer, so the best thing to do is go and explore this wonderful city.