Fry ups are life. And when you’re away at uni, nothing can instill sadness more than missing out on mum’s full English on a Sunday morning. But there’s no need to break down and cry, because we’ve found the best fry ups near Manchester uni to fulfill your homesick heart.

They may not come with a complimentary fresh load of washing, but they’re the next best thing.

The cheap fry up


Where? The Paramount – 33-35 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 4BH
How much? £3.49

Satisfy your fry up craving for less than a fiver by heading to The Paramount. You’ll be served a generous amount of beans, egg, sausage, bacon, tomato and hashbrowns. And if that doesn’t cure your hangover, just down a pint before heading home.

The fancy fry up


Where? Teacup Kitchen – 3-55 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
How much? £9.50

Don’t waste this wonderful fry up on a seedy sunday morning, save it for when you wake up fresh and fully famished because you’ll want to savour every bite. Served with sourdough toast, wild mushrooms, sauteed potatoes and all the usual suspects, it’s a little higher in price but worth every penny.

The pre-shop fry up


Where? Rowntrees Cafe – Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre, 20 High St, Manchester M4 1QB
How much? £5.50

If you need to do the groceries or head clothes shopping, why not fuel up with a fry up first? Rowntrees is conveniently located in Arndale Shopping Centre and serves up a brekky for a decent price, which includes tea or coffee. Come with an appetite if you want any hope of demolishing the double dose of bacon and sausage and still be able to walk around the shops after.

The fan favourite fry up


Where? The Koffee Pot – 84-88 Oldham Street, Manchester M4 1LF
How much? £8

If you ask the locals where the best fry up in town is, they’ll probably tell you The Koffee Pot. This place just has it down to an art: plenty of bacon, optional black pudding and two rounds of toast to soak up every last drop of beans. Just spot on.

The ‘bit better than mums’ fry up


Where? The Laundrette – 13 Jack Rosenthal Street Manchester
How much? £9.50

The Laundrette does is just like mum, only better. Plus you get bonus adult points for putting on pants and leaving your bed. No frills, no fuss, just a good size fry up using quality ingredients that will make you come back any time you can spare a tenner.

The vegetarian fry up


Where? Rosylee – 11 Stevenson Square, Manchester M1 1DB
How much? £7

Even if you’re not a vegetarian it’s hard to resist this fry up. Halloumi, eggs, spinach, mushroom and baked beans served with sourdough — yum is an understatement. Of course they also have a regular fry up so you can take your carnivorous friends with you.