Netflix has become the creator of the best dating shows we can’t imagine life without. From singletons never meeting, to not being allowed to kiss, the online streaming service really has thought of everything. But they also have plenty of other beloved dating shows ready to be binge-watched.

Too hot to handle

What can be better than a resort full of gorgeous guys and gals ready to have the summer of their lives in this Netflix original series. However, the resorts robot, Lana, has a surprise in store for the serial swipers, as during their stay no kissing or sex of any kind is allowed.

Love is blind

This show is a bit like The Voice, but it’s a dating show, not a singing competition. During this Netflix original series, participants choose someone to marry without ever seeing them. As they get to know each other whilst living in separate pods and don’t meet until after they’re engaged. 

Back with the ex

When you break up with someone, that’s usually the end. However, these couples are giving their relationships another chance, despite not seeing each other for years and in some cases decades!

Celebs go dating

Celebrities join an exclusive dating agency, where experts match them with non-celebrities, to try and help them find love. Although only one season of the show is on Netflix, there are eight in total so hopefully more will be coming soon. 

Dating around

Six singletons each have five first dates in the hopes of finding someone that they actually want to have a second date with. The show is full of flirting, frustration and fails, as blind dates aren’t as easy as they seem…


This dating show is all about a group of men and women who are all single and want to find love, but each of them has a dark secret. The series is unlike any other dating show, but since it’s filmed in Japan you will need to put up with reading subtitles.

What the Love! With Karan Johar

Karan Johar tries to help a group of singles discover love, by finding out what was holding them back. He and his celebrity friends help the singles become the best versions of themselves.

Terrace House

This show is so good it has three separate shows within it, ‘Opening New Doors’, ‘Aloha State’, and ‘Tokyo 2019 to 2020’. In these dating shows, a group of strangers move into a house together, whilst continuing with their daily lives, and the audience gets to watch relationships develop.

Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey

This dating show is very original and introduces travel into the usual sad and single but ready to mingle mix. A pink love wagon takes seven men and seven women on a journey throughout Asia, with the goal for them to all return to Japan as several couples in love.

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