If you’re looking for more cash around the festive season, and you’ve tried all the normal avenues, or maybe you’re just trying to keep yourself occupied? Well, check out these Christmas jobs.

1. Santa Claus

This is a fairly obvious one, with every supermarket and grotto having a Father Christmas or Santa Claus grotto of some sort. If you fancy it, see if anywhere’s hiring! Santas can earn between £5 and £7k a year according to Reader’s Digest! Try looking at Great Grottos for jobs across the UK.

2. Christmas Elf

Christmas jobs include being an elf
Source: Canva

If you’re not sure you’re ready to big the big red guy yet, maybe go one step down and be a Christmas elf. All you need is a smile, bells and a ridiculous elf costume! It’s an iconic Christmas job that requires plenty of Christmas spirit – have you got it in you?

3. Delivery Driver

Slightly less fantastical, but postal services always need more drivers when it comes to the festive season. Yodel, Evri and Royal Mail all advertise for Christmas jobs, whether it’s in the sorting office or actually driving the parcels out.

4. Uber driver

People are going to need to get from the shops to home, from home to families houses, to the pub, the carvery… you name it. So if Uber is active in your city, sign up and start driving! Just make sure you’ve got a mask that is comfy enough to wear all shift. Also be mindful of license requirements.

5. Gift wrapping

Christmas jobs include gift wrapping
Source: Canva

If you are particularly dextrous, try your hand at gift-wrapping. Although be aware that if you take a job in a store, they tend to take gift wrapping quite seriously, so you must be confident in your skills!

6. Personal shopper

If you’re not quite up for wrapping hundreds of presents a day, what about buying them? A lot of people don’t like shopping during the festive period, especially during a pandemic! You can work freelance, or find a Christmas job at a particular boutique or store.

7. Christmas tree decorator

Just like grottos, everywhere has trees up this time of year. And a lot of them hire someone externally to decorate them! So keep your eye out for the ads for Christmas jobs, and go around decorating as many trees as you can!

8. Christmas tree seller

Selling Christmas trees for a job
Source: Canva

A lot of pop up stalls will arise around town, all with one goal: selling Christmas trees. If you’re interested in helping, go and speak to them (or if you’ve got enough initiative and time, set up your own!) about working for them.

9. Retail assistant

It is the time of year where stores double up on staff to complete Christmas jobs. If you want a job, the best place to look is on places like Indeed for seasonal temp positions. A lot of these can lead to full-time roles, too!

10. Shelf stocker

As the stores get busier, they need to replenish their stock overnight. A lot of these places will hire night-shift teams for this purpose. So if you can deal with a nocturnal life for a few weeks, and you don’t want to deal with customers, then check to see if stores like Tesco have any stock rotation roles!

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