Over the summer students have so much more free time on their hands. What better way is there to spend this than curling up with a delightful book in the sun. Continue reading to view our picks of the Best Books to Read During the Summer Holidays. Our list contains a variety of classic romantic tales and award-winning bestsellers!

10. The Midnight Library

Written by: Matt Haig

10 of the Best Books to Read During the Summer Holidays
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This novel follows the female lead, Nora. She starts to change things about her life as she spends more time at a midnight library she has recently discovered.

After the book’s release in 2020, The Midnight Library has been award-winning. The book went on to be nominated for the Audie award for fiction and won Goodread’s choice award for best fiction.

9. The Power of Letting Go

Written by: John Purkiss

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The Power of Letting Go is the perfect book to read over the summer as it will get you ready for the new academic year! This book will help you to detach yourself from everything that is holding you back from your full potential. Purkiss guides you through a journey to become the best version of yourself.

Read this novel near the end of summer to get your mind in the right place for uni!

7. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Written by: Helen Fielding

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Interestingly, the author of this book drew inspiration from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The book follows Bridget as she is love torn between two men. You will sympathise and laugh with her as she struggles to find perfect love as a single woman.

Bridget Jones’s Diary even has 3 other sequels you can read if you enjoy the first one! These include The Edge of Reason (number 2), Mad About the Boy (number 3) and Bridget Jones’s Baby (number 4).

8. Pride & Prejudice

Written by: Jane Austen

Pride & Prejudice is a classic romance novel and is oftentimes explained as a ‘romantic masterpiece’. The book has managed to gain popularity with modern audiences. It captures the problems and prospects of marriage, whilst managing to thrill a younger audience.

Pride & Prejudice is perfect for a summer read. It will allow you to escape into a historical and romantic fairytale. The novel even has a film adaptation, and many people recognise the characters. If you have not yet read this classic, read it this summer! You can even click here to access the book online. 

6. Normal People

Written by: Sally Rooney

10 of the Best Books to Read During the Summer Holidays
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Normal People is another perfect love story. The novel won a 2019 British Book Award for the Book of the Year and is a monster hit with audiences.

The story highlights the issues that a young couple face when their circumstances get in the way of their love. Rooney tackles multiple issues of why the two lovers cannot be together. Normal People is an excellent example of how lifestyle choices can get in the way of sincere desire. The novel, therefore, invites you to follow your desires and make the most of your summer break!

5. Just Got Real

Written by: Jane Fallon

10 of the Best Books to Read During the Summer Holidays
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Just got Real follows the main character through her journey with online dating. The novel deals with a lot of issues with identity and dating lightheartedly. It is the perfect rom com to read during the summer!

This book has only just dropped! Just Got Real only came out last month and is already a Sunday Times Bestseller.

4. Precious Bane

Written By: Mary Webb

10 of the Best Books to Read During the Summer Holidays
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Precious Bane is another classic tale set in the 1800s. However, Precious Bane is more than a love story. The novel follows female protagonist, Prue Sarn, a young girl born with a cleft palette lip. She overcomes the stigma that her community creates in spite of her. She also yearns for love and refuses to accept any fate that she has not written herself.

This story is a heroic tale which should be read by all those who are looking for some inspiration this summer!

3. City of Orange

Written by: David Yoon

The City of Orange presents the world from an unfamiliar perspective. This psychological fiction presents a future apocalyptic world. The central character wakes up alone in a world he no longer recognises.

This book released earlier this year and has already received numerous positive reviews. It is the best book to read during the summer holidays to make you feel grateful for the world we have.

2. The Great Gatsby

Written By: F. Scott Fitzgerald

10 of the Best Books to Read During the Summer Holidays
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The Great Gatsby has always been an overwhelmingly popular book since its release in 1925. The novel displays hard hitting truths about capitalism in America. However, the novel also introduces a touch of romance between two main characters.

Fitzgerald’s hit novel is perfect for you to read over summer as it is a short book packed with excitement. You can also click here to access the book online! 

1. Gulliver’s Travels

Written By: Johnathan Smith

10 of the Best Books to Read During the Summer Holidays
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Gulliver’s Travels is the oldest book on this list as it was released in 1726! Smith combines adventure with satire in this old tale. The main character ventures into unknown lands and meets a new society vastly different to his own.

This novel is another story perfect to read during the summer holidays. It will encourage you to travel and make new experiences!

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