Spring has arrived, and summer is around the corner. Lockdown is easing, the sun is out more and more often, and the rain stops coming after us. After immense months in lockdown and barely seeing anything else than your pyjamas and sweat sets, it’s time to start getting our lives back. You know what they say: the cleaner your surroundings, the clearer your mind. Start your week by getting your house in order and get back on track with life!

Do you have no clue where to start? Here are ten top tips for a spring clean at your home.


First off, let’s start with tips for spring cleaning your closet!

spring clean tips

1. Organise your clothing.

Take out all the things from your closet. Throw them on the bed. Organise your closet based on a category you prefer. This can be colour, type of clothing or season. Just do something.

2. Clean out all that is older and not used.

We all have clothing with sentimental value we do not wear but still keep in our closet. Take it out. Sort it out. Donate it to charity. You can make somebody else day by sharing.


And now it’s time to spring clean your kitchen.

spring clean tips

3. Clean out the pantry.

Throughout lockdown, we have all probably stocked up on food that we did not end up needing. Take out all that you have and sort out the expiry dates. You’ll feel better.

4. Wash out the fridge – deep clean.

Clear everything out. Deep clean your fridge. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


We all hate it, but it’s bathroom time!

spring clean tips

5. Wash bathmats.

This is underrated. You do not realise how much stuff gets stuck under your feet. Wash it.

6. Clean shower doors or bathtub.

Limescale is super persistent. Make sure you use the right products to get rid of it.


One of the easiest bits, here are some tips for spring cleaning your bedroom.

spring clean tips

7. Change bedsheets.

Clean sheets, clean pyjamas and a clear mind. Clean bedsheets always make life better! The moment you’ll snuggle into them at night, you will be proud of yourself.

8. Turn over your mattress.

Struggling with bad sleep? Turning over your mattress may be your perfect solution. Turn it over, and you are bound to find relief!

Study Space

In order to be productive, you really ought to have a clean study space!

spring clean tips

9. Recycle all old paper.

All the paper that is piling up on your desk? Throw it away. A clear desk or room will ease your mind and make it easier for you to concentrate and study over May exams.

10. Dusting!

One of the most annoying activities, however, dusting your shelves and books, is a key part of spring cleaning. Dust all your surfaces too in order to start a new day fresh.