Travelling abroad can get expensive – not to mention all the hassle of queueing at the airport and having to pay extra for bags. That’s why a staycation can be the best way to escape easily, and there are some great destinations in the UK to try. In fact, this little island has loads of incredible and diverse locations to visit, whether that be in the centre of some of the best cities in the world or the gorgeous landscapes of the Lake District. Any student can have a wonderful and affordable holiday. Here are some of the best locations to visit in the UK for an amazing staycation.

1. London

London staycations

To start with the incredibly obvious, you can’t deny that London is and has always been an amazing place to visit. One of the biggest cities in the world with so much to see and explore, for any kind of budget. Whether that be the numerous free galleries and museums or the amazing architectural wonders such as The Shard, the possibilities in London are endless and well documented. London is always one of the best staycation destinations in the UK as you are guaranteed to not be bored during your stay.

2. Liverpool

Liverpool Staycations

If you’re looking for a city break but don’t vibe with the hustle and bustle of London, then Liverpool is the next best thing. An extremely modern and frankly amazing city, there’s plenty to do in Liverpool. As the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool is a city with lots of culture, and its musical lineage is something the locals are rightfully proud of. This is best exemplified with the famous Mathew Street, housing the historical Cavern club, a must-visit for any music fan and even if you aren’t into your music there is still plenty to do in the city.

3. Oxford

Oxford Staycations staycation destinations in the UK

For those people who want a quieter option but still want to enjoy an urban environment, Oxford is always a great option. Known for having the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is a wonder of English architecture. A beautiful and picturesque town, Oxford offers a wide range of activities such as castle tours, a visit to the Artisan Brewery and loads of interesting museums to see. Oxford is definitely a place to visit at least once.

4. York

York Staycations staycation destinations in the UK

Keeping with a similar theme, York is another beautiful and quiet town. Steeped in history and sharing the same level of architectural brilliance as Oxford, York is an incredible place to visit. The Jorvik Centre offers a recreation of a Viking village which is a unique experience not to be missed, while the National Railway Centre is amazing for any train fanatic. Even if neither of those are your thing, York is still one of the amazing staycation destinations in the UK, especially in the winter when the whole town has a Wonderland vibe that can’t be beaten.

5. Lake District

Lake District Staycations

Away from the cities and into one of the most popular holiday locations in the UK, the Lake District needs to be seen to be believed. The absolutely stunning vistas and gorgeous environments are just the start of it. With numerous lake boat rides and scenic walks to challenging hikes through the mountainous landscapes, the Lake District offers something for everyone, whether that’s relaxing and taking in the environment or fully immersing in the environment itself.

6. Western-Super-Mare

Weston Super Mare Staycations

For me, at least, Weston-Super-Mare brings back a lot of nostalgic memories. The majority of my British beach trips as a kid were at Weston-Super-Mare, and I absolutely loved it. Returning as an adult, that sentiment hasn’t changed. Even with the grand pier having burned down and been rebuilt in that time, it’s still amazing. The sandy beach is lovely and has that quintessential British beach holiday feel, while the grand pier houses an awesome arcade for when you somehow get bored of the beach. It had to make our list of the best staycation destinations in the UK

7. Edinburgh

Edinburgh Staycations

The capital of Scotland and one of the most gorgeous cities in the UK, Edinburgh is always an excellent choice for a staycation. With the incredible Edinburgh Castle looming above the city and the old town looking like something from a novel, Edinburgh is one of the most unique cities in the UK. Being a very modern city, there is plenty to do in Edinburgh, especially when one of its many arts festivals are taking place.

8. Ross On Wye

Ross on Wye Staycations

For those of you that enjoy the countryside of the UK but still want the trappings of a British town, Ross-On-Wye is a good shout. A small market town with that unmistakable Britishness about it, the surrounding area is an incredible example of the beauty of the English countryside. The nearby Symonds Yat leisure park enables you to explore this amazing landscape for those of you who don’t mind a bit of walking.

9. Brighton

 staycation destinations in the UK Brighton Staycations

Of course, no list of the best staycations in the UK would be complete without adding Brighton to it. One of the premium locations for nightlife and youth culture in the UK, Brighton, as well as offering that classic British seaside, has a lot of fantastic bars and restaurants to visit. Being one of the most prominent places in the UK for LGBT culture in the UK, Brighton is a very welcoming city for everyone and is somewhere you should visit at least once.

10. Cornwall

Cornwall Staycations

Lastly, Cornwall must be included on here. Its multiple beaches such as Fistral beach and Porthminister beach are like tropical beaches abroad with gorgeous sands and ocean while the towns all have that British seaside feel where you can sample the famous ice cream and fish and chips so beloved in the nation. More than a staycation, you could easily spend a week or more in Cornwall and not get bored.

All of these amazing staycation destinations in the UK prove just how versatile where we live can be. Whether that’s country getaways to incredible city breaks to relaxing beach holidays, the UK has tons to offer right on your doorstep.

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