One of the best things that winter brings about is snow, and the beautiful flakes almost make the freezing weather worth it, especially when there is enough snow to do some serious building. To give you some ideas for the next snowfall, here are 10 things to make in the snow that will seriously impress anyone who sees them…

1. Igloo

Igloo made of snow
Credit: Instructables

Although an Igloo isn’t the most unique thing to build in the snow, it is still very impressive due to the care and consideration you need to build one. Plus you can customise your igloo to make it more unique; maybe you could add a second doorway so it is more of a tunnel or you could try and make it a different shape like a star.

2. Snowman

Snowman made of snow
Credit: Pinterest

A classic snowman can still be impressive; all you need is to use your imagination a little more. You could make the snowman appear upside down, or maybe even create a few snowmen who are doing something silly. Remember it’s all about the facial expressions, so think carefully about what you use to show their face. Stones and fruit can both work well for eyes, the nose and the mouth, but you could also include small twigs for eyebrows to help show if they are angry or surprised.

3. Castle

10 things to make out of snow to impress
Credit: Exped

Making a castle or even a fort out of snow would definitely shock your neighbours, plus if you live with a sibling or friend and they also build one you can have snowball battles. This is quite a large thing to create out of snow, and to do it right; it is essential to have a strong foundation. Filling a bucket with snow is a great way to ensure even distribution, and then use other snow to connect the small snow castles for a strong wall. Keep doing this, and soon you will have some impressive castle walls.

4. Bunny

Bunnies made out of snow
Credit: Ranger Rick

Not everything you build has to be complicated, even building a snow bunny can be impressive as people would not expect to it. Its the concept of building a snowman, except instead of doing an extra ball for the head you would make two smaller oval-like balls for the ears. To make them even better don’t forget to add stones or fruit for the facial features.

5. Snow angels

Snow angel
Credit: Pinterest

Making a snow angel in the snow is a classic idea, but can still be creative. Why not use stones to decorate your angel afterwards by giving it a face, and then maybe some hair out of twigs? Or you could just move your arms to make it a fairy, or just move your legs to make a person in bell-bottom jeans. Or you and all your friends/family could make snow angels in a row to make a group, and see how different they all are.

6. Polar Bear

Polar bear made out of snow
Credit: BBC

If you want to make something a little more creative, why not try and create a polar bear? It will require some patience but is sure to look impressive afterwards, plus you can use stones to mark its eyes and nose. Depending on how long it takes you, you could also create some polar cubs alongside it.

7. Sofa

Lounge made out of snow
Credit: Pinterest

Another impressive idea for you to build in the snow is an entire room. You could recreate your living room by making sofas, a coffee table, and even a fireplace. This is a project which is guaranteed to take a few hours if not a few days, but will certainly look impressive once you finish. Or you could just build a sofa out of snow, would be impressive enough on its own.

8. Slide

Credit: Shutterstock

It may seem a bit basic, but you could always use the snow to build a slide or a ramp for you to sledge on, even if its just a little one for the neighbour’s kids. You could also go the extra mile and make a snow obstacle course to sledge down and around.

9. Car

Car made out of snow
Credit: Pinterest

Another impressive idea you could take on board is to build a car out of snow. Plus if you build it next to another car, it will be sure to make people do a double-take, especially if they try and de-ice it the next morning thinking its a real car.

10. Snow

Snow made out of snow
Credit: Toxel

Although it may be a little on the nose, why not build snow out of snow? As in literally creating the word snow through sculpting snow. This is comical and will impress anyone that walks past it. You could even take it up a notch by using it as target practice for snowballs.