Harry and Meghan have done their best to abide by the royal traditions, but they’ve had enough. In early 2020, they moved to California, and on the 7th March 2021, they sat down and had their first interview since ‘quitting’ the Royal Family. If you haven’t already heard what was said, check out everything you need to know here. But in summary, here are 10 things we’ve learnt about the Royal Family.

1. They are still bothered by race

In the interview, Harry and Meghan shared details – although no names – of a conversation had about Archie whilst Megan was pregnant. In the conversation, the matter of his skin colour got brought up. The couple were effectively asked what skin colour he would have.

2. They are worried about the press

This is not entirely a surprise, especially considering how the Prince Andrew scandal has been dealt with. However, Harry explained that the royals are ‘scared’ of the tabloids and that they are constantly worried the press will turn on them. Yet, whilst the press has been relentlessly discussing Meghan’s every move – they have said nothing.

3. Princess Diana left Harry money

harry and meghan
Source: The Today Show

Harry has said that after being cut off from his family financially, he and his wife were left to survive on the money his mother left him. He went as far as to say she expected this. Who’d have thought a prince would need to rely on an inheritance?

4. The family’s reputation means more than mental health

Meghan went into detail about feeling isolated, lost, without support, and even suicidal. She said that she went to Harry for support, and they went to a senior member of the family to request help, but were told no as it wouldn’t look good. Ultimately she reached out to an old friend of Princess Diana.

5. Royalty does not make for less family drama, clearly

harry and meghan
Source: Town and Country Magazine

Harry spoke about the rift in his family, discussing how his father Prince Charles did at one point stop answering Harry’s calls, and how him and brother William are currently not on good terms.

6. Members of the family have a lot of restrictions

Meghan spoke about her time within the Royal Family, and how she was not allowed access to her passport, her driver’s licence, or even her keys. Whilst it is not certain that these apply to other members, it is fair to assume that it may well be.

7. Despite all the rumours, the Queen is still a beloved grandmother

meghan and harry
Source: Best Life

Harry and Meghan both reiterated their fondness for Harry’s grandmother, the Queen. In an interview recently with James Corden, Harry had revealed that the Queen makes efforts to see Archie, and bought him a waffle maker for Christmas.

8. Everything gets twisted in the media

Around the time of Meghan and Harry’s wedding, there were rumours in the British media that Meghan had made Kate – her soon-to-be-sister-in-law – cry, and instantly she was painted as a wicked character. Well, even more so than she already was. Meghan revealed in the interview that actually it was the other way around. Kate had made her cry.

9. Titles are not guaranteed

Meghan and Harry revealed, with seemingly heavy hearts, that their son, Archie, is not a prince. Nor will he ever be one. Apparently, alongside the conversation on his skin tone, was one on the fact he would not be given a title, nor security within the royal family.

10. The family will not speak out against the media

meghan and harry
Source: Slate

In the interview, Harry slated his family for refusing to talk against the media’s portrayals of his wife, which he described as having distinctly ‘colonial undertones’.