The night before an exam is probably the longest night of our lives. When we should be getting a good study session in followed by a proper night’s sleep, we’re stuck with our overactive minds. Instead, procrastination increases along with our coffee intake, anxiety levels and dread. And on the flip side, our ability to focus and later unwind decreases. And in the meantime, our brains are on another level producing the craziest thoughts. So to let you know you’re not alone, we thought we’d highlight the thoughts we’ve all had the night before an exam.

1. How to study for an exam the night before

study or sleep night before an exam

A highly-searched term on Google for a reason. Many of us plan to study in advance, but it just never happens. Instead, we do heavy cram sessions the night before. But rather than actually studying the material, we’re thinking about how to study the night before and if it’s actually possible. The loopholes our brain uses to get us out of studying. 

2. How did the Tinder Swindler actually get away with it?

Just totally random. But these are the types of thoughts we’ve all had that creep in the night before an exam to distract us. Not big world problems or anything, but just how did he get away with it? 

3. What’s more important right now, studying or sleeping?

They’re just both so important in equal measures. Getting a proper sleep will help us focus during the exam tomorrow, but studying will prepare us with what to focus on. It’s like a twisted version of which came first, the chicken and the egg, where one needs the other. Curious to know which one wins – or maybe if in the end, Netflix rules. 

4. If I fail this exam, can I still pass?

thoughts we've all had the night before an exam

This is where unhelpful thoughts really need rewiring. We’ve all had these thoughts the night before an exam, but they’re hardly inspiring. We usually think like this as a way of protecting ourselves, but actually, we’re already counting ourselves out before we’ve even taken the exam. Thinking positively is the way to go here, even if you’ve left studying to the last minute. 

5. When is the next season of Euphoria out? 

Legit question. Maybe not the best time to be thinking about it, but still, legit question. 

6. What if I fart? happens. But really, it would be awful timing wouldn’t it? Quite room filled with sometimes hundreds of other students. Some you may be friends with, some you may have dated…just not ideal. But we’re sure lots have had these thoughts before an exam. Top tip – ease up on the fibre and fried foods.

7. What if I put the wrong name?

thoughts we've all had night before an exam

Highly unlikely…not impossible. In fact, forgetting your name has actually got a name – dissociative amnesia. It can be brought about by stress too. This is spiralling thought process chain we’ve probably all had that is highly unhelpful the night before an exam.

8. Hakuna Matata

It means no worries…for the rest of our days….

The Lion King music is just on a loop in our brains. A least it’s a ‘problem-free, philosophy’. 

9. What’s for lunch tomorrow?

night before exam

If there’s one thing that’s guilty for procrastination, it’s food. Even when we’ve had dinner, we’re daydreaming about the next. And the night before an exam, we’ve all had thoughts about what we’re going to eat after.

10. Tomorrow would be a really great time for an impromptu fire drill

Definitely not hoping for a real fire, but a drill wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. In fact, it would be a nice little breather in the middle of an intense few hours.

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