It’s finally back. After nearly a year of being missed, Love Island has returned to ITV2 to brighten up our lives for six nights a week.

And after 80,000 applicants have been whittled down, we’re all having the joyous experience of getting to know and love/hate 13 islanders, finding out the weird and wonderful secrets about their past and judging them accordingly.

Here we run down the 13 contestants on the show, and reveal a couple of bizarre, bold and baffling facts about their Pre-Love-Island™ lives.

Adam Collard


Credit: ITV Studios

According to The Daily Star, the islander Niall described as looking like the offspring of ‘Angelina Jolie and Zeus’ is more than just a pretty face — he’s rumoured to be in line to receive an inheritance of millions of pounds, thanks to his dad Billy’s property business in Northumberland. He’s said he wants to keep it secret from the islanders, though, so they don’t judge him by his wealth. His ridiculous body will have to do, I guess.null

Laura Anderson


Credit: ITV Studios

Laura has really caught the attention of many people who are questioning the originalities of her look (which brings to mind a certain Busted song). Last year’s fan favourite Olivia Attwood is one of the many, many people to notice the similarities between the air hostess and herself — she even tweeted about it, joking that ‘is Laura wearing MY hair do. Ok, I’m calling fraud prevention 🤔’ and ‘Oh my god Laura actually is me’. Look out, Laura!!

Sam Bird


Credit: ITV Studios

Everyone’s favourite avian-named personal trainer is no stranger to celebrity, or to reality TV, for that matter — one of the alumni from his training days includes I’m A Celebrity’s Toff last year, coaching her to victory before she delved into the jungle to take on all manner of awful tasks.

Dani Dyer


Credit: ITV Studios

While being hilariously — and perplexingly — named with a homophone of her actor dad’s name, Dani hasn’t shied away from confrontation in the villa this year, already ditching Jack after his blase attitude to cheating. She’s also no stranger to reality TV, having appeared briefly on ITV2 reality show Survival Of The Fittest, set in South Africa. Why did she drop out, and will it happen again in Love Island? Well, it was for dislocating a shoulder, so probably not this time around.

Ellie Brown


Credit: ITV Studios

Ellie might be one of the hottest gallies on the island, but her good looks aren’t 100% god-given — unless your god is a plastic surgeon called Dr Tijion Esho. The good doctor uploaded evidence of his work on Ms Brown to Instagram, showing how he prepped her for finding love on the show with some work on her lips. Fair play to the gal, it’s clearly worked!

Josh Denzel


Credit: ITV Studios

Georgia’s beleaguered beau might have drawn ire from Jack and Dani, but he seems ok to us. What we didn’t know about him, however, is that he’s legitimately well famous way before he ever went on Love Island – a quick peek at his Instagram shows him rubbing shoulders with all manner of absolute sporting royalty like Roger Federer, Dele Alli and more, whom he meets with his work as a presenter for SportBible. Well I never.

Jack Fincham


Credit: ITV Studios

Jack was pretty open about his trip to Turkey to get his teeth so white they’d make Roberto Firmino jealous, but did you know what he looked like beforehand? The answer is… not that great. In the above article you can see photos of his chompers before they got a good cleaning, and let’s just say that, even if he looks like Ross from Friends now, it’s still an improvement. Maybe.

Rosie Williams


Credit: ITV Studios

The other new contestant who is embarrassingly nicknamed ‘legally brunette’ by her friends trained as a lawyer for eight years before doing it as her actual job. She has, as seemingly almost every other contestant has, links with other minor-ish celebrities she knew before the show. Apparently she was going out with Jordan Davis of Ibiza Weekender, Ex On The Beach and Big Brother ‘fame’, before having to end the relationship due to the pressure his career put on it. His career?! She’s a lawyer! Whatever, we guess Ex On The Beach is pretty stressful.

Wes Nelson


Credit: ITV Studios

The man who spent a grand on a single date has got more than just money up his sleeve. Wes also had brief brushes with fame before being catapulted to national attention in the villa this year. The engineer is also a Muay Thai kickboxer, and his large Instagram following is owed, in part, to videos of him attacking a punching bag in true Muay Thai style, a number of which went viral. The 20-year-old has also dated a few other Instagram celebs, so he’ll be used to dealing with a high-profile relationship, if he gets into one on the show.

Alex George


Credit: ITV Studios

Everyone’s favourite gawky doctor (mean, but we do like him, honestly!) has seemed in a much better mood after finally managing to secure a date on the island. His time plying his trade as a doctor is the most interesting thing about his pre-Love Island life (other than a touching penchant for posing woodenly in front of snazzy cars on his Instagram). He spent four months on an accident and emergency unit in Lewisham, of all places, before graduating to delivering babies. Is there anything he can’t do?! (other than get picked by a girl on the first day).

Georgia Steel


Credit: ITV Studios

The first of the new gals to join the crew is a 20-year-old student who went to York and hails from London. And her fact is certainly an odd one — she’s sparked a full-on conspiracy theory among fans that she starred in The Inbetweeners episode Work Experience as Hannah Fields. While we know this is categorically not true, it hasn’t stopped the rumour mill churning away all week. She’s also said she’s had a date with someone famous but is being too darn coy to reveal just who that was yet, so watch this space.

Megan Barton Hanson


Credit: ITV Studios

Megan might have had a go at Georgia for constantly being an attention-seeker on the island, but she’s been getting her fair share of attention since making the comments – raunchy videos from her past have shown her going topless and causing a different kind of friction to the one she has with Georgia, by rubbing herself against a massive exercise ball in a rather… suggestive manner.

Samira Mighty


Credit: ITV Studios

After Samira’s admission that she’d dated Chris Pine, you might expect her to be fresh out of mind-boggling celebrity connections. But not so!

She’s also appeared with Freddie Flintoff on ITV’s All Star Musicals, and, more amazingly in our opinion, featured in the live adaptation of Beauty And The Beast with Emma Watson as a debutante. Is there anyone this girl doesn’t know?