Generally there are 15 types of housemates you’ll encounter at university. Some you’ll absolutely love and gel with instantly, others you’ll want to get as far away from as possible. Which one do you and your friends fall under?

1. The trendsetter

trendsetter types of housemates

This housemate is likely to have more than 10K followers on instagram and spend all their money on the latest fashion trends. Expect to take 100s of photos on Instagram while they are ‘doing it for the gram’. They may also try to dress you, avoid this at all costs!!

2. The party animal

party animal type of house

You’ll never see this housemate say no to a night out. They are fully committed to the nightlife scene and may even be promoting for a popular club / bar. Its good to keep close to this person as they are likely to know all the hot spots and the right people to get you free drinks / VIP treatment. These types of housemates are likely to have different groups of friends so don’t be offended if they are unavailable from time to time. They are busy being a BNOC and you should take full advantage of this.

3. The tidy one

tidy housemates

Aka the ‘house complainer’. They don’t like mess and won’t be afraid to tell you about it, even after a heavy night out, expect this person to shout until the house is back to its former glory. Its unlikely they will join in on the partying, instead too worried about the mess it will cause. Don’t leave your crap lying around for this housemate, they’ll chuck anything away in their way.

4. The joker

types of housemates

These types of housemates bring laughter and jokes to the house. It’s their mission to make everyone laugh but sometimes at the expense of others. Take their tricks on the chin, after all it is funny! They may re-position your bedroom furniture in the kitchen or send your mattress riding the lift up and down, but you’ll never stay mad at them for long. Maybe it’s about time you got them back…

5. The relationship one

Image result for third wheel

This housemate is always in a relationship. As soon as they break up with one and you think you’ve got your best buddy back, it’s just onto the next one, so don’t get too excited! They will make excuses not to come out or leave early. You’ll rarely see them and if you do they’ll be joined to their partner. Our advice – get the partner involved, then you’ll have them around all the time.

6. The noisy lover

Image result for wearing headphones funny

Every house has one… the person who wants you to know they are getting action. There isn’t too many occasions where you’ve walked past their room without hearing something and they always seem to have some company at night! Having a talk with this individual won’t make a difference, they are determined to get you involved in the action one way or another..

7. The morning person

Image result for morning person

Perhaps the most annoying. This person can do an all nighter and still be up bright and early cooking breakfast and singing at the top of their lungs. They don’t like to be the only morning person so are likely to try wake you up and do everything in their power to get you up. Our advise is to lock your doors and wear ear plugs ..

8. The leech

borrow from housemates

Hide your stuff, no where is safe! Especially your food and bathroom products. If you have one of these housemates then expect your bank account to take a hit. You now have two people to pay for. Leaving notes in our opinion doesn’t work… They will continue to take your stuff. You’ll know exactly who it was but its unlikely they will ever own up to it! Try locking your stuff away… good luck my friend

9. The non existent one

Image result for hiding in bedroom

You probably don’t know this persons name or that they are living in your house. They keep themselves to themselves and you’ll probably only see them when they make their one trip a day to the kitchen to grab themselves some food. You won’t hear them and they certainly won’t be joining you on a night out.

10. The nudest

types of housemates

You may not mind this one so much, depends on the nudest walking around your house. Nearly every student house has it, the person who walks round naked without a care in the world. When questioned they’ll say “i was just popping to the kitchen quickly”, “i was just getting the mail real quick”. Once you’ve seen it, it can’t be unseen!

11. The clever one

Image result for University workaholic

This person will never miss a lecture even after a heavy night out. They’ll be the first to start a coursework and the first to hand it in. Their grades will never slip into a 2:1. They are the know it all, the person you turn to for help and notes from a lecture. If you have a housemate like this, thank your lucky stars, you know there will always be someone who knows the answer.

12. The messy one

Image result for plates stacked up

Now when we go to Uni, we don’t expect to live in a perfectly clean house but you never could have prepared yourself for these types of housemates! They will never clear up after themselves and leaves stacks of unwashed pots and pans, always preferring to “do it later”, unfortunately that later rarely comes around. Its likely the sink will always be clogged up and you have a pretty good idea who the culprit is.

13. The sex-crazy one

Image result for man eater gif

This housemate is constantly talking about sex. They get lucky every time you go out and hardly sleep alone… hardly with the same person either. Don’t ever ask them to wingman you, you’ll end up with the person your trying to impress!

14. The chef

Image result for cooking

If you have one of these types of housemates, then you are a lucky lucky person. This housemate loves to cook and wants everyone to try it. They’ll organise house meals and won’t mind cooking for everyone. Its likely they will organise Christmas and Easter dinners. They always overcook so theres always something to eat in the kitchen.

15. Takeaway king/queen

Image result for student housemate takeaway

Every student house has one. The person who can’t be bothered to cook and nearly without fail gets a takeaway everyday. You’ll see the takeaway containers pile up by the bins and instantly know who the culprit is. They probably haven’t ever stepped foot in the kitchen, let alone know how to cook a meal. Help your friend out and cook them a home cooked meal! In fact, we’ve got some great student recipes for you to try.