Since Friends was added to Netflix, appreciation for the series has been reignited across the UK. And, once again, the 10 season show is all anyone can talk about. Although it’s based on a group of — yes, you guessed it — Friends in their mid-twenties with jobs, apartments and stuff, a lot of the scenarios they find themselves in can be related to uni life. Don’t believe me? Watch this space.

1. Mr Heckles’ constant complaining

We’ve all had that one annoying neighbour who it seems is on a personal mission to dampen everyone’s fun. If you can’t relate, it’s probably you!

2. Staying up until god knows when doing the most random shit

Whether it’s playing foosball or sitting up telling each other ghost stories, we’ve all stayed up way later than intentioned plenty of times at uni.

3. Problems with moving

One of the very few annoyances of uni is that you have to move a LOT. And, like with Ross’ sofa, it can be tricky at times.

4. Supporting each other through a crisis

One of the best things about the friends in, well, Friends, is that they are all so supportive of each other, even if that does mean dressing up in wedding gowns, drinking beer and eating popcorn.

5. Crazy hook-ups

You may have, in the past, sworn you would never get with that person, but frankly alcohol sometimes gets the better of us. But hey, it’s not all bad because that is exactly how Monica and Chandler first started out.

6. Solving issues with food

Because sometimes the only thing that makes you feel better is a carb-loaded, cheese-infested pizza.

7. Experimenting with your sexuality

Because who doesn’t at uni?

8. Getting mad when housemates steal your food

Whether its a splash of milk or that chocolate bar they’ve been saving, we’re all guilty of doing it at some point. But it’s fucking annoying when it happens to us.

9. Finding your passion

For some it’s drama or cooking, but for Phoebe it was tap dancing.

10. Extending your vocabulary

Or at least trying to.

11. Making some questionable fashion choices

Yes, you will eventually regret your fashion choices.

12. Having a mini breakdown about what to do after uni

Because you only planned up until then.

13. Making some poor romantic choices

We’ve all dated a Janice.

14. Procrastination turns up a notch

Or two…

15. You get ridiculously close to your housemates

And share things with them you wouldn’t share with anyone else.

16. They do annoy you at times

Like, a lot.

17. But you know everything about them

Even their weird habits.

18. And partying with them is the best

19. And when it comes, eventually, to an end it’s really bloody sad