If you’re anything like us, you’ve been singing We Don’t Talk About Bruno non-stop since Encanto came out. And it’s not helped by everyone online singing it too! If you need something to distract you from the neverending earworm, here are 20 Encanto memes!

1. Felix is the unsung hero of this movie

2. People are starting to look at me weird… but I can’t help it

3. We even had the song in our heads before we’d watched the movie

4. Isabela really doesn’t care about the so-called family agreement about Bruno, and we LOVE her for it

5. This movie is now my personality, soz

6. We’re all a little bit scared of Pepa…

7. Ah yes, fun film with scrawny rat man… nothing more… 

8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But yours… yours is wrong. 


9. Free me from this prison. The song will not leave me alone. 

10. Too many of us relate to Bruno. And that’s okay.


His name is Francisco so I think it works pretty well. #hernando #esa #cat

♬ original sound – BoB

11. We all know Lin-Manuel wanted nothing more than to be 7ft with rats down his back

12. Rest in Peace ‘Let it Go’, it’s Bruno’s time to shine


13. Never before have we seen a more accurate sibling relationship on screen

14. Camilo, the brains of the Madrigal family

15. This is how we’d have reacted if our family treated us the Abuela treated Mirabel… clearly her gift is super patience


16. It’s that or we sing the chorus of We Don’t Talk About Bruno on repeat for hours at a time, okay?

17. She was very upset about her goldfish

we don't talk about bruno
Source: Tumblr

18. Antonio was just very unlucky

19. We really don’t know how he managed to hide for that long

20. Do we need to explain this one?