The last few years have been full of political debate and turmoil, and the cherry on the cake has come in the form of the Tory Party scandals. (It turns out that during various lockdowns, members of the Conservative Party were having a bash around Downing Street for various reasons, including to celebrate BoJo’s birthday!) So, in order to distract from the ridiculousness of it all, here are 20 of the most hilarious memes about Boris Johnson’s lockdown parties.

1. Some people have fashioned their anger into… something creative

Well, we have to give top marks to these creative souls- good effort indeed.


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2. And they’re not the only ones using parodies to get around the ridiculousness

3. But it’s okay, no reason to be upset, after all, the police are saying it’s fine…

4. After all, we’ve all been there, right? It’s okay BoJo

In fact, this couldn’t be any more relatable…

5. Sometimes, things just get out of hand. Work events are unpredictable!

You heard it from the man himself- he thought it was a meeting! (In fact, our work meeting looks like this too.)

6. Not all of us have the social abilities to tell events apart, after all

7. Surrounded by people drinking? Wine and cheese? Music? Nah, can’t be a party…

Just to clarify this again, it was a work meeting!

8. Let’s be real, did anyone expect anything less from the man who started the pandemic off by telling us to sing Happy Birthday?


9. And the scripts they’ve all followed since the parties? We couldn’t have written better…

10. The only resident of Downing Street that we can trust 

11. Diane Abbot, everyone’s favourite party organiser, offered her help

12. You know the country’s in a state of shock when Ant and Dec break out the political statements…

It seems that things have gotten serious.

13. Why has nobody taken this opportunity? They’re all supposed to be smart, damn it! 

14. Boris had been teetering on the top for a while, we just didn’t expect this to push him over

15. If BoJo decides to take his career to Would I Lie To You after finishing as PM, this is one lie definitely worthy of the show

16. Maybe this kinda thing is why they built that new TV studio…

17. Are we mad because they broke the rules, or are we mad because we weren’t invited? 

We were so bored at the time!


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I mean, who doesn’t want to see Rishi Sunak and Jacob Rees-Moggs do the I’ve Had The Time of My Life dance?

18. Ultimately, we’ve got to cut BoJo a break… After all, he was just ambushed by cake time and time again

We’ve all had a party that ends up with cheese and wine in the garden – so out of hand…