The stereotype is that students drink. A lot. But on the days that maybe you’ve underestimated how much you could drink, and you’re desperate for another bottle of voddy or some beers; or if you just cannot be bothered to carry that crate of beer from Tesco back to the flat, you need a helping hand. So to provide exactly that, we’ve got 20 of the best alcohol delivery services in the UK for you to make the most of!

20. The Bottle Club 

the bottle club alcohol delivery
Source: Trust Pilot

Stocking everything from spirits, wine, champagne and beer to cocktails, miniatures and gift sets, The Bottle Club is ideal for those people who aren’t going to have the chance to refill the home bar before they have people over the next day. You can opt for next day delivery, or if your alcohol isn’t needed that urgently, then don’t stress as you can guarantee the delivery will be speedy either way. Choose from their range of interesting spirits like Apricot Smirnoff and load up your basket online or in the app!

19. The Whisky Exchange 

The Whiskey Exchange alcohol delivery
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It sounds posh, we know, but they stock a huge range of booze. Whether you’re after a scotch whisky, a cocktail, wine, beer, or even sake – The Whisky Exchange has got your back. You can even order books and accessories to go with your drink, which will then be delivered in 24 to 72 hours dependent on whereabouts in the UK you live. Or, you can opt for Express Delivery and ensure that next-day delivery.

18. Lockdown Liquor & Co 

Lockdown Liquor Co alcohol delivery service
Source: Lockdown Liquor Co

This alcohol delivery service only launched in April 2020, and markets itself as a ‘premium blended cocktail company’. They sell mixes crafted by expert mixologists using the best quality ingredients and delivered right to your door.

17. Waitrose Cellar 

Choose from Waitrose’s selection of wines, champagne, gifts and cases, spirits and beers through Waitrose Cellar. There’s always a range of offers like ‘Save up to 1/3 on wine for summer days’, and they have a range of wines that are only available through them. Standard delivery takes 2 to 3 working days and will cost £5.95 unless you spend £150, or you can choose Named Day delivery, or Click & Collect.

16. Majestic Wines 

Majestic Wine alcohol delivery
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The world of alcohol delivery’s worst kept secret, Majestic Wines is one of the most popular methods of shipping in your drink. If you order on time, you can get next day delivery. Spend more than £150 and that’s free, or over £50 for free standard delivery. They stock wines (duh), champagne, and spirits, all at reasonable prices, and often with great deals available.

15. Adnams 

Adnams alcohol delivery
Source: Pennies

With free delivery over £80, Adnams are a well-known name to any seasoned drinkers. Choose from their range of beers, spirits and wine, and trust that you’re in good hands. Especially if you order any of their sustainably brewed and distilled IPAs or lagers. Standard delivery takes 3 – 5 working days and will cost you £4.99 and Express Delivery is £7.99.

14. Booze-Up 

Booze Up alcohol delivery
Source: Booze Up

If you’re based in London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex, then you can use Booze-Up to get alcohol delivered on demand. Whether you want a bottle of Bacardi or Gordon’s, or maybe you need to top up on snacks and mixer, Booze-Up has your back.

13. Wine App 

Wine App alcohol delivery
Source: Startups Magazine

Do you fancy organic groceries, fine food and craft beers? Wine App has you covered. This alcohol delivery service is perfect for anyone who is 20 going on 55 and loves the finer things in life. Choose from a huge range of delectable wines and snacks, and get them delivered to your door.

12. 31 Dover 

31 Dover alcohol delivery
Source: The Drinks Business

This alcohol delivery service has a range of intriguing drinks available to order, from Toki, Haku, Roku Gin and Mermaid Gin, to all your usual favourites. So why not make an order and get some old in with the new, and explore a little?

11. Beerwulf 

Beerwulf alcohol delivery
Source: Beerwulf

Beerwulf has a ‘tempting’ range of beer cases, kegs and taps available for you to order to your door. You can choose from a huge range of brands and some of their packages even include glasses and bottle openers. If you place your order before 4pm, Beerwulf will aim to deliver your parcel the following day. Delivery costs work dependent on what you order; if you get a ‘full box’ (an appliance, 8 SUB kegs, 2 draught kegs, 2 blade kegs and 1 box of beer) you will not be charged delivery. Otherwise, it will cost £8.95.

10. Cocktail Porter

Cocktail Porter alcohol delivery
Source: Cocktail Porter

Any cocktail lover will be a fan of Cocktail Porter. They provide a service that allows you to get handcrafted cocktails delivered straight to your door, from petite cocktail kits to full size kits, you pick the cocktails and they deliver to your door with step by step guides on how to craft the perfect cocktail.

9. Brewdog 

brewdog alcohol delivery
Source: Beverage Daily

If you love visiting your local Brewdog but want to host your own party, then why not order your booze for the night from the brewers themselves? That’s right, you can ship in your Brewdog faves! From boxes of beers and lagers to spirits by the bottle, your goods will be shipped within 48 hours, so you won’t have to wait long.

8. NIO Cocktails 

NIO Cocktails alcohol delivery
Source: Essex Foodies

NIO stands for Needs Ice Only. The way it works, is you select a box to contain 3, 6 or 9 cocktails, select which cocktails you want, and then wait patiently for it to get delivered through your letterbox. Yes, you read right – through your letterbox. Price-wise, it is £19.50 for 3 cocktails, £39.00 for 6 or £58.00 for 9, the latter two have free delivery, too.

7. Cocktail Delivery Company 

The Cocktail Delivery Co alcohol delivery
Source: GQ

More cocktails! If you want to serve elegant, professional cocktails at home, now you can. Cocktail Delivery Company claim to be hassle-free, expertly crafted, consistent, and high quality. Their reviews seem to agree. Orders placed before 12am will be delivered on the next working day, and you can request named day delivery.

6. Amazon Pantry 

It may seem obvious, but Amazon delivers alcohol. No frills, we know, but they stock most of your favourite big brands, and a lot of them are eligible for Prime Delivery. Try out Red Square Toffee Vodka, or some new funky flavours of Dead Man’s Finger and order with Amazon.

5. Drink Supermarket 

Drink Supermarket alcohol delivery
Source: Drink Supermarket

Drink Supermarket is well known for its services in alcohol delivery, and that’s no surprise. They offer ready to drink booze, cocktail kits and bundles, luxury gifts, spirits, beers, wine and even mixers. Small orders will cost you around £5 – £6 for standard delivery, which will arrive in 3 to 5 days. Alternatively, splash out for Express Delivery for between £8 and £10.

4. UberEats 

UberEats alcohol delivery
Source: 9 to 5 Mac

Sounds obvious, right? But now that UberEats has your favourite off licences and local supermarkets available to order from, you can buy spirits, shots, liqueurs and beers through the same place you’ll be buying your kebab from at the end of the night.

3. Deliveroo

Deliveroo alcohol delivery
Source: Deliveroo

Once again, Deliveroo have places like The Co-Op and off licences available to order from, which means you can easily get some alcohol in if you’re running low!

2. Beer52 

Beer52 alcohol delivery
Source: Beer Today

Beer52 let you build your own case or pick from premade ones, whether that’s a whole case of the same or a more exciting mixed case. They’ve got a great range of IPAs, stouts and pale ales to choose from. Why not set up a subscription with them for a monthly fee to get the chance to try new beers every month?

1. Slurp 

Slurp alcohol delivery
Source: Slurp

Wine, fizz, spirits, beer, and even cases of wine, Slurp has it all. Including free UK weekday delivery on orders over £100. Otherwise, delivery costs between £4.95 and £13 depending on the day of delivery and how much you’re ordering. Try some of their unusual spirits like Marmalade Vodka or Rhubarb Gin and get it delivered the next day!

Last Updated on September 2, 2022