Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy has just landed and we couldn’t be more excited. This (Ye) formerly, Kanye West documentary premiered on Netflix Feb 16th 2020 and it’s been highly anticipated. Twenty-four years in the making, this seven-hour, three-part series will provide an insight into the life of the artist. We’ll let you watch jeen-yuhs for yourself; but to commemorate it, we thought it would be fun to do a wrap up of his best hits. Plus, because we know you’re cramming for uni exams right now, we thought we’d suggest some Kanye hits that would work well on your revision playlist. Here we go:

1. Runaway

First up on our list of best Kanye West songs is Runaway. In fact, Rolling Stone named Runaway, ‘the best song of 2010.’ What’s more, the song is intended as a nine-minute meditation on romantic failure and public infamy.

2. Flashing lights

Flashing Lights is about one of Kanye’s exes who he can’t stop thinking about: well, we can’t stop thinking about this song so…

3. Gold digger

Gold Digger is probably the most iconic Kanye West Song and for good reason. In fact, if you get tired of Biology revision then you should turn your attention to more important matters like learning the lyrics to this song. ” We want prenup! We want prenup! (yeah!)”

4. Street Lights

From his 808s & Heartbreak album, Street Lights is full of suspense and emotion. We feel that it captures up the mood of third year at uni perfectly.

5. Stronger

Do your work. In fact, “Work it, make it, do it
Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger”. Stronger is another classic Kanye song that you can’t help vibe to.

6. Monster

Next up on our list is Monster. It’s probably not the most family-friendly song- but we love this Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver, JAY-Z and Rick Ross collab.

7. Love lockdown

Did you know that love lockdown is about Kanye’s past relationship problems? Whatever the story, we think it’s one of his best tracks.

8. Good life

Next up, it’s the third single for his Graduation album and it’s incredibly catchy. Add Good life to your playlist right now.

9. American Boy

We should be clear that this is an Estelle song (featuring Kanye West) but it’s hands-down one of our favourite tracks.

10. Waves

Likewise, Waves is featured on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo album and features vocals from Chris Brown and Kid Cudi. It’s repeatedly voted one of his best songs so be sure to give it a listen.

11. City of Gods

Introducing City of Gods- A Kanye, Alicia Keys, Fivio Foreign collaboration that’s not to be missed.

12. Run this town

Next up on our list is Run this Town. For this, Rhianna and Kanye, an iconic duo bring you this banger of a song. Turn the music up!


Next up, It’s fairly mellow for a Kanye song and not too explicit in its Lyrics. Therefore, it’s great to have on in the background while you study (and pretty safe, even if your parents are in the room.)

14. Famous

Remember when Kanye famously ruined Taylor Swift’s reputation in a single song? Yes, we do too. Famous is iconic, and a pretty catchy hit too.

15. Mercy

It’s time to put the revision down, get up out of your seat and get moving to this chart-topping beat.

16. Power

When you’ve run out of study motivation, put Power on. It’s probably the closest to a pop song that you’re going to get with Kanye and it has an ‘I can achieve anything’ beat to it.

17. I love it

If you think you don’t know this Kanye song, listen to it: We guarantee that you do. This hit will have you thinking about all of those nights out you’re going to have when exams are finally over!

18. Moon

Next up, we have some study-worthy Kanye content coming your way. Turn the music up for Moon!

19. FourFive seconds

Likewise, this Kanye, Rhianna, Paul McCartney song is a great listen. Plus, it’s pretty chill so good to have on the background.

20. Praise God

Next on our list is Praise God. We think that this is an incredibly underrated Kanye West song. But do you agree?

21. Bound 2

“I know you’re tired of loving, of loving. With nobody to love, nobody, no (uh-huh honey).”

The music video for Bound 2 is shockingly bad: famously bad in fact. However this Kanye tune is a classic, and a great one to have on in the background for your last-minute exam revision.

So, that’s a wrap for our top picks. Which one of these is your favourite Kanye song? Plus, let us know if we’ve missed any in the comments.

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Last Updated on September 2, 2022