University can get really expensive, especially if you want to continue your studies, past undergraduate. But, did you know you can study for your masters abroad? Here are 5 of the fantastic countries where you can study for your masters abroad, completely free of charge.

1. Norway 

study your masters in norway
Source: Visit Norway

Firstly, Norway is a hugely picturesque city, from its crystal clear waters to the Northern Lights. What’s more, you can also study for your master’s degree there without paying a penny! Any UK student can study for a master’s degree in Norway with zero tuition fees. All you have to pay for is the semester students’ union fee, which varies from £25 – £55.

If you’re interested in studying in Norway, check out the courses at the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo, which are considered 2 of the best universities for overseas students.

2. Germany

study your masters in germany
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Alternatively, if you’re looking to study for your master’s abroad, Germany is a great choice. It is home to Berlin, which is one of the trendiest cities in Europe. Plus UK students can study for free (except in Baden-Wurttemberg).

For anyone who is interested in studying in Germany, the universities considered the best for international students are the Technical University of Munich and Humboldt University of Berlin.

3. Finland

study your masters in finland
Source: Association Montessori Internationale

Finland is known for its low crime rates and a brilliant education system, and is, therefore, one of the best places to study for your master’s abroad. However, there is one caveat – master’s degrees are only free if you study a course taught in Finnish or Swedish.

Any Finnish or Swedish speakers can check out some of the countries best courses available for international students at the University of Helsinki.

4. Czech Republic

study your masters in czech republic
Source: Baker McKenzie

The Czech Republic is home to Prague, one of the European cities best known for beer – so of course, it’s a great place to study. Master’s tuition fees are free to any student studying a course taught in Czech.

If you can speak Czech, then check out some of the courses available at Charles University and Czech Technical University!

5. Iceland

study your masters in iceland
Source: Britannica

Alternatively, Iceland is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, with gorgeous scenery and amazing views. Plus, you can study your master’s there for free, simply by paying an annual registration fee of around £400.

To study alongside the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights, check out the courses at Reykjavik University and the University of Iceland, the two best universities for international students.

Countries where you can study at a low cost

If none of those countries appeals to you, there are other countries that offer international students the chance to study for their master’s at a relatively low cost. Why not study your master’s abroad in…


study your masters in france
Source: Commonwealth Fund

International students can study in France at a low cost regardless of where they’re travelling from. University fees do exist in France, but they’re very cheap in comparison to those in the UK. Non-EU or EEA applicants will only pay a rate of £3,165.50 per year for their master’s degree in France!


study your masters in austria
Source: Lonely Planet

If you are one of the students wanting to study your masters degree abroad in Austria will have to pay tuition fees. However, like in France, these are substantially lower than the UK’s costs. International students will usually be charged around £610 per semester.


study your masters in greece
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Want to live your best Mamma Mia life? Check out what master’s degrees are available in Greece. Here international students are charged between £2,000 and £4,500 for a masters programme.


study your masters in spain
Source: SHRM

International students can study for their master’s at a public institution for anywhere between £600 to £2,000 per year. These can be higher depending on the university but are still much lower than in the UK.


study your masters in taiwan
Source: Thought co

Taiwan’s tuition fees for a masters degree vary between £1,100 and £2,000 per year. A small cost to explore and enjoy South East Asia and Taiwan’s top universities.

Are you still not sure about where to study for your masters? You could also try a distance learning one. Click here to read more. Make sure you do your research when thinking about studying abroad – our list of the best countries for higher education can also help make your decision.