When going to a club, a festival or a themed party, face paint is a great way to add to your look and make you stand out. Alternatively, if you’re stuck in isolation with your flat then using face paint on each other can be a great way to kill time. Here I’ve found the best face paint ideas of all time that you can use to inspire you to create your own looks. With Halloween coming up soon, face paint can be a great way to add to your costume, especially if you don’t have loads of money to spend on a new outfit.

Whatever your plans may be for Halloween, it’s essential to dress up in a costume, and no costume would be complete without make-up. You don’t have to be amazing at art to create a good design; get creative, and make whatever you have work for you. It’s quite easy to draw some spider webs around your eyes if you’re going for a more creepy look or to add some whiskers around your nose and mouth if you’re dressing up as an animal. If you don’t have many face paint supplies, then you can also draw on stitches across your mouth with eyeliner, or add devil’s horns on your forehead with lipstick.

1. Creepy

Halloween face paint
Source: @aj_artistry Instagram

2. Witches

Dressing up as a witch is a classic Halloween costume, and using face-paint can be a relatively easy way to spice up your look. Using a white or green paint as a base colour will re-create a typical Hollywood witch look. Adding some dark eyeshadow, plus drawing other “scary” things on your face such as cobwebs or spiders, will then complete this look.

Witch Make Up
Source: Stay Glam

3. Flowers

Flowers are a perfect design for going to music festivals, and hopefully, by next summer, some normality will return, and festivals will go ahead. You could buy a stencil to help you get a more accurate design, and opt for something minimal like the design in this photo. Alternatively, you can try freestyling it and create something unique. Using flowers in your design is a great idea because you can match the colours to your outfit, and you can create something that looks stunning without being over-the-top.

Festival Facepaint
Source: @festivalfacepaint

Or if you’d like to make the look a little edgier, you could draw some black or dark-coloured roses on your face for a gothic and chic look. If this seems a bit daunting to you, you could always print off some pictures online, and then cut them out to create your own stencil, when you can then use that as a guide when painting on your face. This will generate a dark and edgy look, perfect for Halloween.

Rose Face Paint
Source: Emily’s Entertainment

4. Glitter

Glitter is really easy to use as face paint, and it is perfect for club nights or going to festivals. There is a simple trick to putting glitter on your face, which everyone should know; use Vaseline on the area you want the glitter to stick on, and then sprinkle/rub the glitter on and it will stay on all day with no damage to your skin! You can create patterns or designs with the glitter, or just follow the curve on your face. Beware, as glitter gets everywhere, so make sure you protect any surfaces first.

Source: @the.pursuit.of.yve Instagram

5. Winter-themed (Ice Queen!)

Coming into the colder months, doing a winter-themed face paint is a great idea for any Christmas parties later on in the year. Get creative with colder colours such as blue, black and silver that is fitting with Winter, or use red and green to get into the Christmas spirit.

Winter makeup
Source: @christine_and_maillie Instagram

6. Animals

Reminiscent of primary school summer fayres, painting animal designs on your face is perfect for Halloween, or any freshers themed event. Whether you want to for a detailed, Slytherin-style shown in the photo, or a more simple look, it will definitely make your costume a whole lot better. Especially if you don’t want to go all-out on an outfit, face painting can be a lot of fun and add another dimension to your look.

Animal facepaint
Source: @hannemua Instagram

But you don’t have to opt for a creepy animal. Going as a cat for Halloween, or any other themed fancy dress party is definitely one of the easiest looks to go for. You can go all out and recreate whiskers and fur on your face, using black, white or brown face-paint with a fine brush to be able to paint in a more detailed, accurate way. Alternatively, you could opt for a more funky colour such as a neon orange to stand out more in the dark. Don’t forget to add winged eyeliner to recreate cat eyes.

Cat Face Paint
Source: Harpers Bazaar

7. Superhero

We all know that Marvel and DC are big right now. So what better idea for the Halloween party than to go as your favourite hero. You could even club together with friends and go as the Justice League or Avengers.

Spiderman Face Paint
Source: pinterest

8. Clowns

Especially if you’re trying to creep people out, clowns are a brilliant face paint idea. They are just weird enough to make them suitable for Halloween, but simple enough that you don’t need to stress.

Source: Cosmopolitan

9. Robot

If you want to match your dancing to your face paint – try a Robot look. All you need is a ruler, some grey, black and maybe red paint.

Source: Pinterest

10. Pop Art

Do you want to be unique, and make sure there is nobody else with your style? Or maybe you’re just really into art? Try a pop art face paint style. All you have to do is outline your features and then dot your face up!

Pop Art
Source: Poundland