Finding a job at university that gives you the flexibility needed to work around your university schedule can be difficult. So, to help you find the perfect role that works with your uni schedule, we’ve put together a list of the 5 part-time job sectors perfect for students.

Indeed Flex gives you flexibility and control over when and where to work. You can download their app or head to their website to get access to jobs in minutes. So whether you’re a night owl that could fit in some warehouse shifts, or a morning person who reckons they could wiggle in some hospitality work before their lectures, Indeed Flex has a huge range of jobs that will fit you perfectly. Signing up with Indeed Flex is a surefire way to find jobs in…


Indeed Flex hospitality jobs
Source: Indeed Flex

The hospitality industry is one of the most popular industries for students to go into. Working in this industry include roles like waitressing, bartending, reception work, chef work and other similar jobs. This sector is basically always hiring, especially in university cities. They are also great jobs when it comes to earning tips!

Hospitality roles are usually really flexible (think weekends and late nights) which makes it the perfect job sector for students. Indeed Flex takes that one step further. If you sign up to receive job alerts from them, not only will you get sent all the hospitality jobs in your area but you will be able to earn up to £15 an hour and choose your availability. They put you in charge, not the businesses, so that your grades and social life don’t have to suffer.


Indeed Flex Retail jobs
Source: Indeed Flex

It should come as no surprise that one of the best industries for students to work in is retail. The pay is competitive, you don’t have to take the job home with you, and it’s all relatively easy to learn. Pair that with a sufficient discount at wherever you find yourself working, and it all comes together. That’s why retail is often the perfect sector for students, as well as to make friends and build up experience on your CV.

Now, with Indeed Flex, you can find a retail job that suits you without having to sign away your weekends forever. Make your retail work fit around you, and choose from a range of roles. You won’t even have to search – the app does it for you!

Industrial & Warehouse jobs

Indeed Flex industrial & warehouse work
Source: Indeed Flex

Industrial jobs are perfect for the more hands-on students. It is a really crucial industry that relies on people who are able to work flexible hours, and it is always paid well (especially through Indeed Flex!). You could find yourself working in a warehouse as a picker/packer, running a warehouse as a warehouse operative, driving and dropping off parcels, or even working driving forklifts and HGVs.

If you’re interested in jobs like these, you’ll be pleased to know that Indeed Flex has plenty of them. These roles are especially crucial right now, and companies are willing to hire people on very high wages and with very flexible hours! Plus, using Indeed Flex, you’ll get paid weekly. Perfect for a student lifestyle.

Business Support

Indeed Flex Business support jobs
Source: Indeed Flex

Businesses rely on having huge teams to keep them going, so business support staff are pretty much always needed. Working in this industry can be hugely beneficial to students as not only does it give you a bit more pocket money, but you’ll have experience in offices and large companies, which could set you apart from others in the hunt for a graduate job. The work is also a lot less physically demanding, so for sports students who want to take it a little easier at work, this industry is perfect for you.

Within the industry, you can expect to work as a call centre agent, a team leader, an administrator, a complaints handler, a data entry clerk or a receptionist. All of these jobs and more are available to apply for via Indeed Flex, where you can work with companies to provide them with the support they need and they can provide you with training and weekly pay.

Facilities Management

Indeed Flex Facilities manager
Source: Indeed Flex

Working in facilities management gives you the opportunity to be part of an essential industry packed with variety. There is an overlap with some of the other part-time job sectors perfect for students, but working in facilities management will provide you the opportunity to train and work as a cleaner, housekeeper, door supervisor, receptionist, and many more.

This industry is hugely varied, and it presents new challenges and lessons at every turn. So if that sounds like something you’d thrive off, why not apply to a facilities management role with Indeed Flex?

To check out these jobs and many more, or to start setting up your Indeed Flex account, download the app on Android or iOS now. It’s super easy to set up, just input all your details and let Indeed Flex help you find a part-time job in a student sector!