First of all, it must be disclosed that Bongo’s Bingo is definitely not an event to take your nan to. Unless of course, your nan is as cool as she thinks she is. Bongo’s Bingo is a bingo event like no other. You’ll find yourself necking drinks, having rave intervals, and possibly even in a dance-off to win a cash prize. If that alone doesn’t tell you why its a firm favourite among students, then read on.

Bongo Bingo London
Source: Business Live

1. Celebrity entertainment

If you’re lucky enough, your Bongo Bingo night may be visited by such cheesy celebrities like David Hasselhoff, the Vengaboys, or even S Club 7. Who doesn’t want to get drunk with their friends, have a boogie and potentially win some cash!?

2. The prizes

Bongo gives out a whole range of weird and wonderful prizes. Coco Pops, a fluffy pink unicorn, or maybe a Porsche? You never know what you’re in for, and it is always worth a chance. Although be careful if you’re sat near the stage, as whoever wins the Coco Pops can choose to ‘make it rain’ all over you.

3. Dance-off for a grand

If you think your moves are crowd worthy, then be sure to get a ticket to Bongo’s Bingo. If you call out at the same time as somebody else, you both have to dance your way into the crowd’s hearts in order to win the big bucks.

4. Cheap as chips

When tickets range from £2 to £6, you really can’t complain. That’s cheaper than the bus or taxi you got to get there!

5. Food and drink

If you’re a club lover, but also kind of wish there was a seating area with some grub for when you need to recuperate – then you’ll love Bongo’s Bingo. There’s food, there are pitchers and beers, and there’s seating, but with non-stop madness that is 100% worth every penny you pay.

Bongo Bingo London
Source: The Guide Liverpool