We’re well into the start of uni now and you may be in a bit of a food rut. Not much time, not much money, not much desire to cook anything outside of the student classics pesto pasta and beans on toast. But, lucky for you, that’s where I come in. For those of you who, like me, are in a bit of a food rut, here are 50 of the best student recipes to try out.


best student recipes - Curry

If you ever google “best student recipes”, you’re bound to find at least a few different kinds of curries. That’s because they are a cheap and easy meal to make. You just need some sort of protein, some rice, some veggies and then a sauce. A quick, healthy meal that you can make batches of and freeze so it’s a great option for meal prep (because we students don’t have time to cook every day!). For the meat eaters out there, there are a number of different chicken curries to try (tikka masala, jalfrezi). If you’re a fan of spicy food, then why not try out this nice n spicy curry? Then, if you’re vegetarian/vegan, or just looking for a healthier base, then check out this satay sweet potato curry or kidney bean curry.



best student recipes - pasta

If you were to ask me specifically what some of the best student recipes are, I would say pesto pasta. I mean, that’s basically all we students eat. But, if you want to try out some more interesting pasta options, check out these recipes. Well, first, if you want pesto pasta but fancier, check out this Creamy edamame pesto pasta with rocket salad. Tomato pasta is another staple of the student cookbook, but if you’re looking to try out some variations, check out this pasta bake or this sausage bolognese. For something a little more out there, try out this sardine puttanesca spaghetti. And finally, we students love our alcohol, so if you’re looking for some boozy pasta, try out this pasta with vodka sauce


Asian Food:

best student recipes - asian food

If you want to bring some of the best of Asian cuisine to your weekly meal plan, then check out some of these recipes. This simple sweet and sour chicken is a very versatile dish, you can have it on its own, with rice, with noodles. Similarly, stir-fries are a big part of the average student cookbook because they’re so healthy and so versatile (check out this beef noodle stir fry). Similarly, pork can provide the basis for a number of different meals, from these hoisin pork kebabs to this Korean-style pork and rice or this orange teriyaki pork tenderloin



While some of the options in the other sections are vegetarian suitable, this section is for all the vegetarian students out there or those who want to try out a meat-free diet. It’s very easy to make your meals meat-free. For example, you could try out this veggie noodle stir fry or veggie fried rice. If you’re looking for a new veggie pasta to add to your culinary repertoire, why not give this simple garlic cheesy pasta a go? In terms of healthy options, this high-protein white bean salad could be a good option. But, if you’re looking for a little treat, then check out this veggie pizza recipe. 



best student recipes - vegan meals

Similarly, while some recipes in the other sections can be suitable for vegans, this section is for vegan-specific recipes. Of course, this doesn’t stop you from trying them out even if you’re not vegan! Burgers, despite having the rep of an unhealthy meal, are very quick and simple dishes that you can add lots of variety to. Why not try out these sweet potato veggie burgers or falafel burgers? Curries are also a remarkably easy dish to put together, plus it’s easy to batch cook so you’ll have multiple meals – result! Check out this spicy chickpea curry. Pasta can be another dish that is incredibly easy to whip up that can last you a long time, so check out this vegan pasta bake. If you’re looking for a potential lunch option, then why not check out these vegan burritos?



best student recipes - gluten free meals

It can be quite difficult to cook as a gluten-free uni student. If your housemates aren’t gluten-free, it can be difficult to avoid gluten, and that’s before you even start thinking about cooking for yourself. A lot of recipes in the other sections can be adaptable, but these recipes are all gluten-free. You could try out this simple mac n cheese recipe that you can make in one pot, so it’s super simple. Another simple meal is this roast chicken soup or this easy chicken curry. Then, if you want to try some gluten-free pasta recipes, then you could check out this spaghetti bolognese recipe or this meatball pasta bake.


Lunch Options:

best student recipes - Lunch ideas

Are you tired of buying meal deals every day for lunch? Then you could try out some of these recipes for lunch. They may not be the most transferable in terms of getting them to campus, but could make some great options on your free days or on the weekend. These halloumi flatbreads are a quick, simple and healthy option for lunch, as are these chicken and hummus wraps. For when you don’t have much time on your hands, you could try out this coronation chicken on toast (or this egg and avocado toast if you’re a non-meat eater). If you’ve got a little more time on your hands and want a little treat, then why not try this all-day breakfast?



best student recipes - mexican food

If you want to add some flavour and spice to your group of recipes, then Mexican food is the perfect place to look for some new inspiration. Fajitas are a staple of Mexican cuisine, so why not try out these easy chicken fajitas or these bbq chicken fajitas? For vegetarians out there, check out this veggie fajita pasta recipe instead. Alternatively, if fajitas are not your thing, you could check out these pulled chicken beans or these cheesy bean quesadillas for some new culinary inspiration. 



best student recipes - African food

Alternatively, why not check out some African-inspired recipes? With a wide range of different cultures and cuisines, there’s bound to be something that strikes your fancy. For instance, check out this smoky jollof rice or this African peanut soup recipe, which is vegan and full of different vitamins and nutrients. These Moroccan couscous or Nigerian tomato stew are also healthy simple options to add to your repertoire. Or, check out this recipe for Kyinkyinga, a type of beef kebab. 



best student recipes - dessert

Lastly, puddings and treats. While it may not be something you have every single day, we students deserve a little treat every now and then! These easy pancakes could make a perfect weekend breakfast motivator before getting some work done (come on, don’t tell me you’re not also motivated by food). Alternatively, this biscoff microwave mug cake could be the perfect pick me up on a long night of studying. This chocolate ganache or this cinder toffee and chocolate popcorn could make a great snack. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a healthier option, check out this frozen yoghurt recipe. 

So, these are some of the best student recipes. While not an extensive list, this will hopefully give you some inspiration if you’re looking for some new things to cook. And don’t forget our list of BBQ recipes that are perfect for summer (those rare days where all of the UK dresses like it’s 30C and plans a BBQ).

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Last Updated on March 20, 2024