A box of chocolates and roses as a gift for Valentine’s day is boring and not to mention cliche af. Why not try and make Valentine’s day gifts from scratch instead? If you don’t know where to start or what to make, then lucky for you we have gathered together some DIY Valentine gift ideas in one place. We have included video instructions to help you out!

1. Explosion Box


In the simplest of terms, an Explosion Box is a greeting/celebration card that is a box. It is made from sheets of card that, with the correct folds, nests inside each other. When you place the lid on top, it looks like a normal gift box. But when you take the lid off, the layer ‘explode’ to reveal sweets, photos and other decorations. All you need is card stock paper/thick card, craft punch, ribbon and some glue.

2. Paper Flower Bouquet

Forget buying normal flowers for your significant other.  You both have to change the water constantly to keep them fresh, and they eventually end up dying. Why not make a flower bouquet out of paper instead? The video below gives a step by step tutorial on how to make them.

3. I Love You Book

Another great DIY Valentine’s gift to give to your loved one is an ‘I Love You Book’. It is a book that gives reasons why you love them and can include pictures/significant items. It’s the perfect DIY gift to remind your loved one how much you truly appreciate them.

4. Custom Candy Box

If your significant other is a sugar junkie and loves their sweets, then why not create them a personalised candy box. You can buy the small little craft box for under £3 and then pack the box with all their favourite chocolates and sweets. To add that bit of dazzle, wrap a coloured ribbon around it and print a label to go with it.

5. Marbled Ring Dish

This Marbled Ring Dish is ideal for holding rings and other jewellery that your other half may struggle to keep safe. It is super easy to make and will remind that special someone how you feel about them every time they use it. All you need is gold paint, over baking clay, paintbrush and an X-Acto knife. The instructions on how to make these gorgeous dishes is shown in the video below:

6. Heart Thumbprint Platter

Make this adorable fingerprint platter with both your fingerprints or with the fingerprints of your loved ones (e.g. children). It is a sentimental gift, and it captures a moment in time that is so fleeting–it won’t be long before their fingerprints are bigger. Its an amazing Valentine’s day gift and is very simple to make.

All you need is a simple white platter, coloured paint of your choice and a black sharpie. Place your fingers into the paint and print it on to the platter in a heart shape (do the same with everyone else fingers that you want). Once this has dried, use your sharpie pen to engrave the text of your choice (e.g. dates, names etc.).