Step into the vibrant world of the 70s, a time when fashion was as expressive as the music. Whether you’re gearing up for a themed party or just love the allure of retro styles, exploring 70s fancy dress is an adventure in itself. For women, 70s fancy dress women’s styles range from glittering disco diva outfits to relaxed, bohemian ensembles. It’s a chance to channel the era’s spirit of freedom and fun.

Not to be outdone, 70s fancy dress men’s options are equally flamboyant. These costumes include everything from eye-catching patterned shirts and flares to bold, statement jumpsuits. It’s an opportunity for men to embrace the era’s flair for the dramatic.

And for those who enjoy a paired look, 70s fancy dress couples costumes offer a fun way to make a joint style statement. Imagine being the talk of the party as a 70s power couple, with coordinated outfits that capture the essence of the decade. Take a look at our list of 70s iconic outfits, popstar costumes, and ideas for couples and groups.

Iconic 70s fancy dress outfits

The 1970s were a time of bold experimentation and boundary-pushing in the world of fashion. This era brought us some of the most iconic and memorable styles that continue to influence fashion today. From 70s disco fancy dress that lit up dance floors to more understated yet equally striking everyday wear, the 70s had it all. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore some of the most iconic outfits of the decade, perfect for anyone looking to recreate these looks for 70s fancy dress events or just for fun.

1. The disco diva

disco diva fancy dress 70s

The quintessential 70s disco fancy dress for women is all about dazzling sequin dresses, high-waisted metallic flares, and halter neck tops. This look embodies the glamour and glitz of the disco era, making it perfect for those who want to relive the nights of Studio 54. It’s a style that combines boldness with elegance, ideal for 70s fancy dress women’s outfits.

2. The glam rocker

For men’s 70s fancy dress, the glam rock style stands out with its flamboyant shirts, tight glittery trousers, and platform boots. This look, popularised by icons like David Bowie, is about making a bold, unapologetic statement. It’s a perfect choice for 70s fancy dress for men who want to channel their inner rock star.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody

The boho-chic look, a staple in ladies’ 70s fancy dress, features flowing maxi dresses, embroidered vests, and headbands. This style reflects a more relaxed, free-spirited approach to fashion, embodying the era’s hippie influence. It’s ideal for those who prefer a softer, more artistic vibe.

4. The hippie look

hippie fancy dress womens and mens

Essential to the 70s fancy dress ideas is the classic hippie ensemble, characterised by tie-dye shirts, bell-bottom jeans, and peace sign necklaces. This laid-back yet vibrant style captures the essence of the 70s counterculture, perfect for those who want to express peace and love through their attire.

5. The punk rocker

Emerging in the late 70s, punk fashion introduced an edgier look with leather jackets, ripped jeans, and band tees. This style is ideal for those who want to channel a rebellious, anti-establishment vibe.

6. Saturday Night Fever

70s fancy dress costumes

The iconic white three-piece suit, as seen on John Travolta, is a classic for men’s 70s fancy dress. This sleek, stylish outfit is synonymous with 70s disco and is perfect for those looking to recreate the “Saturday Night Fever” vibe.

Each of these styles encapsulates the essence of the 70s, a decade that was truly diverse in its fashion sense. Whether you’re attending a themed party or just love dressing up, these 70s fancy dress costumes offer a fun and authentic way to experience the fashion of this iconic era.

10 fun 70s pop star fancy dress ideas

The 1970s was a decade that redefined music and fashion, with pop stars leading the charge in setting trends. For those looking to capture the essence of this dynamic era in their 70s fancy dress, emulating the style of these music icons is a fantastic way to go. From the flamboyance of glam rock to the glitz of disco, there’s a wide array of 70s fancy dress ideas inspired by the pop stars of the time. Let’s explore ten fabulous pop star-inspired outfits that are perfect for any 70s fancy dress event.

1. David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

Embrace the glam rock era with a Ziggy Stardust-inspired outfit. For men’s 70s fancy dress, this could include a brightly coloured jumpsuit, bold makeup, and that iconic red mullet wig. It’s a daring and theatrical choice, perfect for those who want to stand out.

2. Elton John


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Known for his extravagant stage costumes, an Elton John outfit is perfect for both 70s fancy dress men’s and women’s. Think oversized glasses, sequinned jackets, and flamboyant hats. This look is all about extravagance and flair. Elton is also one of our iconic British fancy dress ideas, which include the most famous people from British history and culture to dress up as.


Ideal for 70s fancy dress couples or groups, dressing as ABBA members offers a fun and recognisable option. Sparkling jumpsuits, flared trousers, and platform boots are key elements for this look, suitable for both men and women.

4. Donna Summer


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The Queen of Disco provides great inspiration for ladies’ 70s fancy dress. A Donna Summer outfit could include elegant, flowery gowns with sequins or a classic disco jumpsuit, paired with glamorous makeup and hair.

5. Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury mens costumes 70s
Carl Lender from Sunrise, USA

For 70s fancy dress male outfit, Freddie Mercury’s iconic style is a great choice. Think white trousers with a red or black stripe, a tight tank top, and a fake moustache. It’s a simple yet iconic look that’s instantly recognisable.

6. Stevie Nicks

stevie nicks fancy dress ideas
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Perfect for 70s fancy dress for women, Stevie Nicks’ bohemian style is iconic. Lace shawls and robes, flowing skirts, a tambourine and platform boots can create a mystical, boho-chic look that’s quintessentially 70s.

7. Rod Stewart

70s fancy dress costumes mens

Known for his spiky hair and bold stage outfits, Rod Stewart’s look is great for 70s fancy dress men’s idea. Leopard print, tight trousers, and a flashy shirt capture his unique style.

8. Diana Ross


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For a glamorous 70s disco fancy dress, channel Diana Ross with elegant gowns, sequinned dresses, and big, fabulous hair. This look is all about sophistication and star power.

9. John Lennon


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A more laid-back option for 70s fancy dress male is John Lennon’s iconic style. Round glasses, a New York City t-shirt, and a peace sign necklace create a look that’s both cool and recognisable.

10. Cher


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Cher’s bold and unique fashion choices make for fantastic ladies’ 70s fancy dress. Think high-waisted bell bottoms, crop tops, and her signature long, straight hair. It’s a look that combines glamour with a touch of rock and roll.

Each of these pop star-inspired outfits offers a unique way to celebrate the 70s. Whether you’re going for the glitz of disco or the edge of rock, these costumes provide a fun and authentic way to experience the fashion of this iconic era.

70s fancy dress ideas for couples inspired by famous duos

For couples looking to make a splash at their next themed event, drawing inspiration from famous personalities of the 1970s can be a fantastic way to create memorable and distinctive 70s fancy dress outfits. The decade was rich with iconic figures whose styles defined an era, making them perfect muses for 70s fancy dress couples. Let’s delve into some exciting ideas based on renowned 70s icons, offering a blend of glamour, charisma, and a touch of nostalgia.

1. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Emulate the ultimate bohemian couple of the 70s. For 70s fancy dress men’s ideas, John Lennon’s signature round glasses, a white suit, or a New York City t-shirt can be iconic, while ladies’ outfits can include Yoko’s wide-brim hats and minimalist, avant-garde outfits. This look is ideal for couples who admire the duo’s blend of peace activism and unique style.

2. David Bowie and Angie Bowie

Channel the glam rock look of David and Angie Bowie. Ziggy Stardust-inspired outfits can include bold patterns, bright colours, and platform boots. For women, Angie’s style of elegant yet edgy gowns and suits makes for a striking 70s fancy dress women’s choice. This pairing is perfect for couples who want to showcase the flamboyant and theatrical side of the 70s.

3. Sonny and Cher

Sonny and Cher fancy dress costumes mens and ladies

For a classic 70s look, Sonny and Cher offer endless inspiration. 70s fancy dress male options can include Sonny’s iconic moustache, bell bottoms, and faux fur vests, while Cher’s long, straight hair and show-stopping gowns are perfect for 70s fancy dress for women. This look suits couples aiming for a mix of boho-chic and glitzy glamour.

4. Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger


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For a rock ‘n’ roll edge, couples can channel the iconic style of Mick and Bianca Jagger. Men’s 70s fancy dress could include Mick’s signature tight pants and flamboyant shirts, while ladies’ 70s fancy dress can emulate Bianca’s sophisticated yet daring fashion sense, such as her famous white wedding suit or glamorous evening gowns. This look is perfect for couples who want to embody the rockstar lifestyle of the 70s.

5. Elton John and Kiki Dee

Embrace the extravagant style of Elton John and Kiki Dee. For 70s fancy dress for men, Elton’s over-the-top stage costumes with glitter, sequins, and outrageous glasses are a must, while 70s fancy dress women can draw inspiration from Kiki Dee’s more understated but chic stage presence. This pairing is ideal for couples who love the theatrical side of 70s music.

6. Robert Plant and Pamela Des Barres

Robert Plant and Pamela Des Barres 70s fancy dress
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For a more bohemian rock look, couples can take inspiration from Led Zeppelin’s frontman and the famous groupie. Men’s 70s fancy dress can include tight jeans and open, flowing shirts à la Plant, while 70s fancy dress women can capture Pamela’s free-spirited style with maxi skirts, crop tops, and lots of accessories. This look suits couples who are fans of the classic rock scene.

7. Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta from ‘Grease’

For a fun and nostalgic choice, couples can dress as Sandy and Danny from the iconic film ‘Grease’. This offers a playful take, with leather jackets and slicked-back hair for men, and tight black pants and off-shoulder tops for women. It’s a great option for couples looking for a recognisable and beloved 70s look.

8. Marie and Donny Osmond

Marie and Donny Osmond 70s fancy dress mens and womens, couples
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Channel the wholesome, pop-star image of the Osmond siblings. 70s fancy dress men’s costumes can include Donny’s clean-cut, boyish look with suits or patterned jumpers, while ladies’ 70s fancy dress can draw on Marie’s sweet, girlish style with A-line dresses and soft, flowing hair. This look is ideal for couples aiming for a more family-friendly, pop-oriented 70s style.

By choosing to dress as one of these famous 70s couples, you’re not just putting together a 70s fancy dress costume; you’re paying homage to the era’s cultural icons. Whether you’re going for the glitz of Sonny and Cher or the coolness of Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw, these ideas are sure to make you and your partner the talk of any 70s-themed event.

5 groovy 70s fancy dress ideas for groups

70s fancy dress accessories mens womens

Group fancy dress themes offer a fantastic opportunity to create a unified, eye-catching look, especially when drawing inspiration from the eclectic and vibrant 1970s. Whether it’s for a themed party, a group event, or just for fun, these 70s fancy dress ideas for groups promise to make your ensemble the life of the party. From disco divas to rock bands, the 70s offer a plethora of styles perfect for group costumes. Let’s explore five exciting group ideas that encapsulate the spirit of the 70s.

1. Disco Fever Group

Perfect for a night of boogie, a disco-themed group can embrace the glitz and glamour of 70s disco fancy dress. Think sequinned dresses and jumpsuits for ladies’ 70s fancy dress, and shiny shirts with flared trousers for men’s 70s fancy dress. Add some platform shoes and afro wigs to complete this quintessentially 70s look.

2. ABBA Tribute

Dressing up as the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA is a fantastic idea for groups. With their flamboyant and colourful stage outfits, this theme works well for both men’s and women’s costumes. Include signature elements like sparkly jumpsuits, high boots, and perhaps even a blonde wig for that authentic ABBA feel.

3. Hippie Commune

For a more laid-back vibe, a hippie-themed group can capture the essence of the 70s peace movement. Floral prints, tie-dye shirts, bell bottoms, and headbands are great for both 70s fancy dress male and female costumes. Don’t forget the peace signs and round sunglasses to complete this groovy look.

4. The Village People

YMCA The village people 70s fancy dress ideas for groups
Mad Hatters Fancy Dress

Ideal for a mixed group, dressing as The Village People allows for a range of characters like a cowboy, a policeman, and a construction worker. This idea offers a fun way to explore different aspects of 70s fancy dress men’s styles, with each member of the group embodying a distinct persona from the band. You can actually find these 70s fancy dress costumes for hire at Mad Hatters Fancy Dress.

5. Classic 70s Rock Band

70s rock band fancy dress ideas for groups
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Emulate a classic 70s rock band like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. This theme can include leather jackets, tight jeans, band t-shirts, and long hair wigs for a rock ‘n’ roll look. It’s a great option for groups who want to channel the edgier side of 70s fancy dress.

Each of these group ideas allows you to delve into the diverse world of 70s fashion, offering a fun and memorable way to celebrate the era. Whether you’re hitting the dance floor in disco attire or spreading peace and love in hippie garb, these 70s fancy dress costumes are perfect for groups looking to make a statement. Here are some other fancy dress group ideas if you’re not too mad about the 70s after all.

Completing your 70s look: Top 70s fancy dress accessories

No 70s outfit is truly complete without the right accessories. Whether you’re aiming for disco glamour, hippie chic, or rock ‘n’ roll cool, the right accessories can elevate your 70s fancy dress to new heights. From statement jewellery to iconic footwear, these accessory ideas are essential for adding that final touch. Let’s explore some key accessories that are perfect for enhancing both men’s and ladies’ 70s fancy dress.

1. Platform shoes

A staple of the 70s, platform shoes are a must-have. For women, think glittery platforms or knee-high boots. For men, platform shoes in bold colours or with metallic finishes can add an authentic disco feel to any 70s fancy dress men’s outfit.

2. Peace sign necklaces

Essential for a hippie look, peace sign necklaces are a simple yet iconic accessory. They work well with both male and female hippie outfits, adding a touch of authenticity to your 70s fancy dress. Pair them with other bohemian jewellery like beaded bracelets and earrings.

3. Aviator sunglasses

70s fancy dress accessories wigs sunglasses feather boas

Popularised in the 70s, aviator sunglasses add a cool and edgy element to any outfit. They’re especially fitting for 70s fancy dress male costumes inspired by rock stars or film icons of the era. Women can also incorporate oversized sunglasses for a chic 70s fancy dress women’s look.

4. Afro wigs

For that quintessential disco look, afro wigs are a fun and popular choice. They’re great for both men and women and instantly add a playful vibe. Choose a wig that complements your outfit’s colour scheme for a cohesive look.

5. Wide belts

Wide belts were a fashion staple in the 70s. They’re perfect for cinching in the waist on flowing dresses or adding an accent to high-waisted flares. Both men’s and ladies’ 70s fancy dress can benefit from this accessory, as it adds both style and structure to your outfit.

6. Bandanas and headbands

Bandanas and headbands are key accessories for a 70s hippie look. They can be worn in various styles – around the forehead for a classic hippie look or as a headscarf for a more refined style. This accessory is versatile and works well with most 70s fancy dress ideas.

7. Sequins and glitter 

Sequins and glitter accessories

To add some sparkle to your 70s disco fancy dress, incorporate sequin or glitter accessories. This could be anything from a sequinned hat or bag to glittery jewellery. These accessories are perfect for catching the light and adding a bit of disco dazzle to your ensemble.

8. Leather cuffs and chokers

For a rock-inspired 70s fancy dress, leather accessories like cuffs and chokers can add an edgy touch. These work particularly well with 70s fancy dress male outfits, giving a nod to the rock and punk scenes of the era.

9. Feather boas

Feather boas are a fun and flamboyant accessory, ideal for adding a touch of glamour. They work particularly well with more extravagant disco outfits and can be a great addition to ladies’ costumes.

10. Patterned scarves

A versatile accessory, patterned scarves can be used in various ways – tied around the neck, worn as a headband, or even attached to a bag for a pop of colour. They add a touch of sophistication and are great for adding a bit of personality to your outfit.

Each of these accessories can play a pivotal role in bringing your 70s fancy dress to life, adding authenticity and flair to your chosen look. Whether you’re attending a themed party or just dressing up for fun, these accessories are the perfect finishing touches to your 70s ensemble. If you’re thinking of trying some other decades, why not take a look at our 80s costumes and 90s fancy dress ideas?

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