If you’re one of those people who put their tree up in November, then we know you’re already thinking about which films to watch this festive season. So to help you out, we’ve curated a list of the best Christmas films for you to watch this winter. Work your way though animated classics and romcoms, to childhood favourites and recent releases. So stock up on hot chocolate, find your comfiest duvet, and start scheduling some down time now.

1. Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Set in Halloweentown, this classic stop-motion film follows Jack Skellington as he find a portal to Christmas and decides to implement the festivities in his hometown. Although it would seem he hasn’t quite got the idea of it, and it all ends in a bit of calamity. Don’t forget to singalong to Danny Elfman’s soundtrack including arguably the best song from any Christmas film – ‘What’s this?’.

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2. Last Christmas

Starring Emilia Clarke…yes looking a little less firey and Daenerys-y, this film follows a young woman, Katrina, through her adventures in love. It’s a festive romantic comedy that came out in 2019, and we’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It definitely earned its place on the best Christmas movies list.

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Some of the best Christmas films are on Netflix
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3. Nativity 

This film is a feel-good British Christmas classic. It follows a teacher, Martin Freeman, as he accidentally overpromises to a group of primary school students about their upcoming Nativity play. It is an iconic movie and is full of feel-good comedic moments and Christmas spirit.

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4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey’s performance as The Grinch is one that we all remember. It’s iconic. Pair this with a young Taylor Momsen and the cutest puppy co-star, and it makes for one of the best Christmas films out there. It’s funny, sweet, and it becomes more and more relatable as you get older.

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5. The Santa Clause 

Another fabulous festive film, this movie is about an uninvolved father and businessman who accidentally ends up becoming Santa Claus. It’s completely heartwarming, dead sweet and absolutely festive. Get the cookies and milk (or the eggnog) and cuddle up on the sofa for this festive fave.

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Cat catching up on the best Christmas films
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6. The Holiday

This is one of the most recommended Christmas films. It has romance, festivity, and Jack Black. What more could you ask for? Solid family favourite.

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7. Love Actually 

This might be England’s national Christmas film, to be honest. It’s got every noughties British celebrity in it, from Emma Thompson to Kiera Knightley. So much romance, so much Christmas spirit, and that Hugh Grant scene.

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8. Home Alone 

Home Alone is another obvious choice for your Christmas movie marathon. It’s funny, festive, and a lot of us grew up watching it. You could even watch it and all its sequels if you wanted!

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9. The Polar Express 

A young boy hops on a train and embarks on a journey to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus. He ends up going on a journey of self-discovery as he meets lots of people on the train that will change his life forever.

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10. Let it Snow 

This YA Christmas film is based on a book by the same name, co-written by famous author John Green. It follows a group of people across a small town in the US and their efforts and experiences across a single snowy day. It’s a feel-good, romcom YA Christmas film and we loved every second of it.

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Are we missing any – let us know which Christmas film is at the top of your to-watch list this year?