As we come to the end of this lockdown period, there are many things we can begin to enjoy again. Days out have become alien to us. It would be nice to think of things we can do once we are able to rekindle with our friends, especially as students. It has been a difficult time for all of us. Something that might appeal to young people would be a trip to Alton Towers with your friends, or family. By downloading the app, Student Beans, you can receive a student discount at Alton Towers, which allows you entry into the theme park of over 40 rides, for the day.

Day Passes

What would usually be a £53 day pass to the Alton Towers Theme Park – or £34 if booked in advance – can be discounted to £25 instead. This is done by students downloading the app Student Beans. It is similar to the app UniDays, however, is only used by specific companies, in order to gain exclusive deals for young people. The best feature of this pass is that if there is bad weather or any weather that would prevent the rides from working, you are guaranteed a ‘Rainy Day Guarantee – get a free return visit’, which is helpful considering the unpredictable weather in the UK.

Alton Towers
Source: Daily Mail

How to Get the Discount?

Now, how does one set up their account to receive the discount? It is very simple. Firstly, you must make sure you have your student email handy, as this will ensure Alton Towers that you are eligible for the discount. To find the page to buy your ticket, you go to the Alton Towers’ website, click on ‘Theme Park’ and scroll down to find the ‘Students’ section. Once you have done that, click on ‘Get Discount’. Verify your details by inputting your student email address, and you are good to go!

Alternatively, make a Student Beans account, and use the code when checking out on the Alton Towers website.

What Is There to Enjoy

The tickets themselves will allow students access to the Theme Park at a discounted rate, however, there are other low costing features you can pay extra for. For example, you can add on the ‘Fastrack’ extra, which reduces your waiting time in queues for certain rides and allows you to enjoy the attractions for longer. These are available to buy on-the-day online via the Alton Towers mobile app. You are also able to pay extra for ‘Unlimited Digital Photos’ so you can catch your friend’s, or family’s, faces during the attractions. These are a nice touch, add a sentimental add-on to your trip and only cost £20 for the day, or £10 if you buy a second one.

This year has been very unexpected, so why not book a 2021 day trip to Alton Towers Theme Park with friends? It does not take long to set up your Student Beans account, as well as log onto your laptop, or phone, to book a student discount trip to Alton Towers. It is worth the memories you create with your friends, all for a lower price than usual.