The Christmas markets are one of the best things about this time of year! If you want to know where to get novel Christmas presents, take festive Instagram pictures, or cosy up with mulled wine, then read on to find out about the best Christmas markets in the UK!

1. Bath

The best Christmas markets in the UK
Source: Instagram, @bathchristmasmarket

First on the list is Bath, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. The picturesque city becomes even more charming this time of year. This year, the Bath Christmas Market is open from the 24th of November to the 11th of December, so if you want to visit it you’ll have to be quick! There’s around 170 chalets selling different things, so you’re bound to find some Christmas gifts there.

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the prettiest Christmas markets the UK has to offer. This year, they have a ferris wheel and plenty of other rides as well.  The whole area is lit up with festive lights everywhere, which is why it’s one of the best Christmas markets in the UK to visit. They have local businesses in the chalets, which makes it great for supporting the town too! If you want to know what else Edinburgh are doing this Christmas, then check out their website, or discover more about the different markets Edinburgh has to offer.

3. Southbank Centre, London

The best Christmas markets in the UK
Source: Southbank Centre

So London has loads of different Christmas markets jotted around the place, but Southbank Centre is one of the most popular ones. It’s been open since the 3rd of November, and ends on Boxing day, making it one of the longest opening Christmas markets too. They’re also open from 11am to 10pm on weekdays (and until 11pm on weekends), so you’ve got plenty of time to go visit! It’s a stunning site to wander along the Thames with seasonal street food to keep you warm.

4. Cardiff

Cardiff Christmas Market has a variety of stalls and chalets from over 200 individual businesses, meaning there is something for everyone there. It’s right in the city centre, making it really convenient for anyone who wants to visit. This year, they have stalls ranging from candles, artwork, and even dog collars! They have a full list of everything to see on their website, so check it out! Although you can find delicious food and hot mulled wine at the market, there’s plenty of restaurants that can be reached in five minutes’ walking distance from the market too!

5. Birmingham

The best Christmas markets in the UK
Source: Instagram, @birminghamchristmasmarket

The Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham is based on a German Christmas market – hence the name. This means they sell loads of German food and treats, so it’s a bit different from your usual Christmas market. The stalls and decorations are also Bavarian style, making it a cute and cosy place to wander round and feel festive. Also, if you’re wondering which Christmas market will be selling the best mulled wine, then I can guarantee you it will be this one.

6. Manchester

Manchester is one of the best places in the UK to see a Christmas market
Source: Flickr – Andrew Stawarz

Manchester has so many Christmas events on this year, that almost every part of the city is taking part in the celebrations! Their Christmas market is on different streets, so it’s definitely one you’ll want to spend some time seeing it all. Market street and New Cathedral Street will be selling Christmas presents, and where the local business chalets will be, therefore they’re the best for Christmas shopping. You can also get your skates on at the ice rink at Catherdral Gardens, or catch the giant Santa atop the Central Library in St Peter’s Square.

7. York

York is another one of the best Christmas markets in the UK, and is now celebrating its 30th birthday! This year, they have a traditional Swiss chalet, The Winter Hütte, which will be selling food from a professional chef and seasonal drinks like spiced cider and gluhwein! They also have a wide range of stalls to visit, so there’s plenty to eat, buy and indulge.

8. Oxford

The best Christmas markets in the UK
Source: Oxford Christmas Market

Oxford Christmas market is starting a little later on, starting on the 1st of December, and remaining open until the 18th. However, they have plenty of stallholders all selling fantastic Christmas presents. From bath bombs to crocheted items, every stall is selling something unique. There’s also a range of performances by live bands and a choir to truly immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Christmas.

9. Belfast

This year, Belfast have loads to offer in their Christmas market. Not only do they have countless stalls, but also a tall vintage Helter Skelter (if you’re brave) and food from all around the world! They claim to be selling ostrich, wild boar, and crocodile burgers! But don’t worry, if this isn’t for you, they have loads of other options as well. The Belfast Christmas Market is one of the best and most popular in the UK, attracting over a million visitors each year!

10. Winchester

The best Christmas markets in the UK
Source: Winchester Cathedral

Last but certainly not least, Winchester Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful markets in the UK, and one of the best in Europe! It’s set against the backdrop of Winchester Cathedral, filled with wooden chalets. Everywhere is lit up with Christmassy lights, creating the perfect atmosphere for the holiday. It’s open right now, and closes on the 22nd of December, so you still have plenty of time to visit! Make sure you catch the Christmas choir too!

So, which Christmas market will you be going to this year? If you’re still stressing out about Christmas presents, then read our article on last-minute Christmas present ideas for students!