We’ve all been there. You’ve spent the last few weeks cocooned in your room, devouring every episode of your new favourite show on Netflix, when suddenly it’s over. There is no next episode. The emptiness hits you like a heavyweight boxer and you feel crippled by the void in your life that you now have to fill.

Most recently, this has happened to fans of the hit show ‘You’ on Netflix, whose second season just ended. If you are one of the countless fans of that show frantically searching for something new to binge on Netflix, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a host of options to sink your teeth (or eyes) into. What’s more, this list is specifically designed for former fans of ‘You’ so you’ll get proper of the macabre.

Fans of ‘You’ were enthralled by the dark content of that show, the threatening psychological aspect, the sinister characters and the occasional gore. Luckily there’s plenty more where that came from on Netflix, and the following shows are some of the best examples of that genre.


One of the best examples of dark series on Netflix, ‘Dexter’ has been enchanting audiences for years now. It is an American crime drama which focuses on the work of forensic analyst Dexter Morgan, working on all sorts of grisly crime scenes. However, Dexter also has a haunting secret, as he leads a second life as a serial killer. The tension and threat in this show is palpable, and some of the scenes could be quite distressing., But if you liked ‘You’ then you are probably well prepared for what’s in this show.

Dexter has received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, and it finished in 2013, after a very successful 8 seasons. As a result, there’s plenty of dark and disturbing content to keep you glued to your screen for weeks (or months) to come.

Bates Motel

Another series that fans of ‘You’ are bound to like is Bates motel. This series is roughly based on the iconic 1960’s film ‘Psycho’, by acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock. This is a prequel to the disturbing events of that film, and follows Norman Bates and his mother, as their relationship develops and deteriorates to a truly hellish extent. The bleakness of the setting and the dark story-line will give you chills as you watch this series. There are five series currently available on Netflix.

Killing Eve

This popular production is a classic spy thriller but with a real dark twist. Following two extremely strong female leads, the narrative follows tow intelligence agents in the British secret service, who develop an unhealthy and dangerous obsession with each other. The story shows how obsession and disorder can have a truly haunting effect on people. There is some real breathtaking action scenes in this series, and during many other scenes, you will be holding your breath! If you are a fan of jump-scares this is definitely one for you.


This is another popular Netflix series which has its roots in an old film, and it is definitely one of the best examples of the psychological-horror genre on the market. Following the travails of an FBI investigator and famed forensic analyst Dr Hannibal Lector, the story evolves to as the main character begins to stress about how readily he can empathize with serial killers. This series broaches some very dark themes and is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. If you like the feel of ‘You’ and other films like ‘Shutter Island’ or ‘Paranormal Activity’, then you will definitely like the dark and gritty feel of this show.



Mindhunter is another show worth checking out. Yet another crime show, following FBI officers (they’re very busy aren’t they?), Mindhunter, as the name suggests, focuses more on the psychological aspects of the criminals. The characters in the show use criminal profiling techniques to try and get inside the heads of dangerous serial killers and extract knowledge they can use to solve other cases. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can head over to Netflix to watch the first two series now.

With the revival of dark, suspenseful thrillers, you shouldn’t feel the loss of ‘You’ too badly. There are so many options to fill the gap left by this show. So what are you waiting for, get binging!