Has lockdown got you bored out of your mind? You probably ran out of things to do at home by now, got tired of the words “home workout” and cannot stand the smell of banana bread anymore. If you are stuck in lockdown and do not know what to do with your time – don’t worry. We have got you covered with these binge-worthy series in Netflix to get you through lockdown.

1. The Crown

The Crown
Source: Forge Press

Are you interested in the life of the Royal family? Or are you just eager for some drama? Either way, “The Crown” may be a great series for you to watch during this lockdown. The show tells of the life in Buckingham Palace as it follows Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign. Even though it might not always be historically accurate, it certainly is highly entertaining.

2. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy
Source: Variety

This series is about a group of adults with very unusual abilities. Traumatised by their ruthless upbringing by a billionaire to become world-saving superheroes, they find themselves in a situation where they must do exactly that – save the world. Add in a little bit of time travelling, and you have the perfect combination for a binge-worthy Netflix series to get you through lockdown. Its funny, partly even ridiculous storytelling in combination with the action of the plot is what makes this show so entertaining, so you should definitely give it a shot.

3. The Office

The Office
Source: Medium

If you are in need of a laugh or just really bored, this show will certainly cheer you up. The comedy is a classic amongst Netflix shows and delights with its unique sense of humour. As indicated by the name, the show deals with the corporal life in a fictional paper company. Admittedly, that does not sound particularly intriguing at first, but we promise that it is far more captivating than it sounds. The show premiered in 2005, and there are 9 seasons in total, so it will give you plenty of material to kill time during lockdown.

4. Cursed

Source: The Playlist

Do you like fantasy shows? Then you should try “Cursed”. This retelling of the Arthurian legends follows the path of the sorceress Nimue, who is destined to become the legendary Lady of the Lake. The show shines with an intriguing storyline and great characters. It also is one of the first Arthurian retellings which focuses on the female characters in the legends, which is a nice and long-overdue change.

5. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
Source: Amazon

This is another light classic to brighten up your day. In this show, the main character Ted tells his kids the (admittedly very long) story of how he met their mother in a highly entertaining way. This series is always good for a laugh, so if you haven’t watched it already, now definitely is the time!

6. Dark

Source: DW

This show takes a science-fiction plot, time travel and paradoxes and forms them into a gripping storyline that will leave you doubting and speechless. It is often presented as a counterpart to “Stranger Things”, but “Dark” really is so much more than that. The storyline starts with a missing boy, but quickly becomes far more complicated as time travel to different periods in history is added. The theme matches the title, especially regarding the colours and soundtracks used. The show is highly captivating, but it is nothing you could watch “on the side”. It really needs your undivided attention, and sometimes even multiple viewings to be able to grasp what is happening. Basically, Dark expands the common time travel paradox and adds so many layers that it feels like a very complicated puzzle to solve – which just makes the show more intriguing. However, the original series are only available in German, so you may have to watch with subtitles or go for the dubbed English version. Even though this may seem strange at first, the effort is definitely worth it!

As you can see, there are all kinds of series for every situation available on Netflix, so you are sure to find some that interest you. Lockdown is a hard time for all of us. But hopefully, these binge-worthy Netflix series will help you overcome the boredom and get you through lockdown.