Assignments are done, exams have been taken…it’s officially winter break. This means it’s the time to indulge and relax. And what better way than with a reality TV marathon? Netflix is home to sooo many reality TV shows, which makes it great for a Christmas binge! Unfortunately, the most popular reality show, Love Island is not on Netflix. However, you won’t need it after all of the drama, the model-like bodies, the villas in these shows. So here’s our list of Netflix’s binge-worthy reality shows you can catch this Christmas break.

1. Selling Sunset

The perfect mix of glossy LA lifestyles, impressive villas for millionaires, and a whole lot of drama. The show became so popular is even inspired two spin offs; Selling Tampa and Selling the O.C. You can catch all three on Netflix now.

2. Cook at all Costs

A new reality show from Netflix for foodies! Cook at all Costs is a competition where home cooks bid on ingredients and prepare a meal based on what they get. There’s also celebrity appearances from Susan Keating, Beth Fuller and more.

3. Dance Monsters

Dance Monsters is a great reality TV show to binge on Netflix
Source: Netflix

The dance competition has just arrived on Netflix, and is hosed by Ashley Roberts from The Pussycat Dolls. Amateur dancers compete in suits or CGI avatars in the hope of winning $250,000. Expect to see the likes of Ne-Yo and other stars too!

3. Summer Job

This new Netflix reality TV show sees young people head to a luxury villa to win €100,000. But to do this, they have to work real jobs. Oh how we love to watch the spoiled come to face to face with reality!

4. Single’s Inferno

In this Korean dating show, singles search for love on a deserted island. The first season was so popular that Netflix just had to do another season. Complete with a hot new cast, you can catch season 2 of Single’s Inferno over Christmas.

5. Too Hot to Handle

You’ve most likely heard of this one. The reality dating show invites contestants to a villa to fall in love and win $100,000. However, they – unknowingly – have signed up for a season of celibacy. Sex is not allowed, and for every related act, Lana the lamp (or whatever she is) punishes them financially.

6. Love is Blind

love is blind cast
Source: Netflix

Another Netflix reality TV show so successful it has international spin-offs. Love is Blind is originally hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who welcome singles wanting to get married. They go on dates in pods, where they can’t see the other person. The only get to when they declare they’re in love and one proposes. They are then put on a test to see if love truly is blind. It very often…is not. But it is a great binge-worthy show!

7. Dream Home Makeover

Designer Shea McGee and husband Syd take on huge houses in the US and make them magazine-worthy. Their style is the type that everyone wants in their home. Despite making us envious that we’re not rich Americans with huge swanky homes, it’s a great show to binge still.

8. Buying Beverly Hills

Another real estate reality TV show on Netflix that’s full of drama. There’s office romances, huge property deals and luxurious lifestyles. Also, there’s lots of gossiping, catcalling and arguments. Just what we need (from a reality show, not in our actual lives).

9. Dubai Bling

Dubai bling
Source: Netflix

The glamour and glitz is in full swing in Dubai Bling. It follows Loujain, Lojain, Zeina, Safa and more who are high-flying socialites in Dubai. Prepare to be awed in how crazy and far removed from reality their lives are.

10. The Mole

If you’re done with real estate or food shows, The Mole is a reality game show that used to show from 2001-8. But it’s now back – rebooted and better than ever. 12 players complete tasks and try to find out who the ‘mole’ is.

13. Glow Up

Get tips from the best in this competition show full of aspiring makeup artists. There’s three seasons of Glow Up to catch up on, helping you to feel creative and inspired this party season. Or just impressed.

14. I am Georgina

Girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo gives us a sneak peak into her live with the infamous legend. From looking after kids to yacht parties and watching Formula One, she doesn’t live such a bad life. Catch up on how they met and get an inside into who Georgina is.

15. Ru Paul’s Drag Race

The infamous Ru Paul hosts his even more infamous Drag Race, with three seasons available to watch on Netflix. Watch the Queens compete for money, and watch the ultimate Queen, or Drag Mother, Ru Paul at his finest. Also, if you’re in London and fancy catching a drag show, check out our latest article.