Last week the nation was left shook as the Love Island boys were sent off on their lads holiday to Casa Amor, leaving the girls behind at the main villa. It’s the same every series, about halfway through the Islanders’ time in the villa either the boys or the girls are sent to Casa Amor for a few days, and new girls and boys are sent into both villas to keep them company. Last week we shared our predictions for how we thought the Islanders’ time in Casa Amor would go down, and I can’t lie some of them were so far off it’s embarrassing! From Liam completely betraying Millie, to Abi sleeping on a day bed for serial-dater Toby Casa Amor was WILD. With this in mind, we thought we’d break down the happenings of the villa over the last week.

So where are all the couples at?

Coming back from Casa Amor we only had one couple standing as strong as they were before, and that was Liberty and Jake. Apart from them, either one or both people in every couple chose a new partner, leading to a drama-filled episode on Friday night!

Liberty and Jake – still together

We could obviously see this coming, but like me, you probably had some doubts about Jake’s loyalty when faced with the petite blondes of Casa Amor. Fortunately, both Jake and Liberty remained loyal to each other, with Jake choosing to sleep outside on the day bed at Casa Amor, and Liberty sleeping in the lounge with Kaz and Abi. However, Jake was pretty much the ringleader in all the drama that unwound between the boys and the Casa girls, while staying devoted to Liberty. Some viewers have pointed out that Jake was living through the other boys’ Casa Amor experiences by egging them on. Alternatively, by sabotaging some of the stronger couples, other viewers feel that Jake has exposed himself as playing a game to win the competition.

Millie and Liam – still technically coupled up

In my opinion, Liam’s character arc during Casa Amor was the biggest let down of the series, as him and Millie were popular to win. While Liam spent the whole of Casa Amor proving exactly why girls worry when their boyfriends go on a lads holiday, Millie spent the time sleeping on the day beds and moping because she missed Liam. When Liam walked back in alone, my heart broke for Millie and how excited she was to see him. This excitement was shattered when the Casa girls who were left single were brought to the fire pit. Lillie rightfully exposed how Liam had led her on, completely changing Millie’s perception of the recoupling.

In Sunday’s episode, Millie and Lillie met up for a chat so that Lillie could share her side of the scandal with Millie, without Liam being able to manipulate anything. After this chat, Millie ended things with Liam while Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo played in the background – who can say they saw that one coming?

Toby and Abi – no longer coupled up

We all knew that Toby would meet someone new in Casa Amor, it was inevitable. What we didn’t see coming was Abi choosing not to get to know any of the Casa Amor boys and choosing to stay with Toby. Even more unexpected was Toby, who coupled up with Casa girl Mary, deciding that his head is still with Chloe. Yes, that’s right, Toby doesn’t want either Mary or Abi, he wants Chloe who he binned off more than a week ago! Toby is honestly making the dramatic reality TV we’ve all been craving since the first episode, and I applaud him for it. The chaos of how he let Chloe almost be dumped from the Island, only to completely back track is amazing, I can’t wait to see his next move.

Chloe and Hugo – both recoupled

Our favourite friendship couple have finally found a bit of romance in the villa! Hugo managed to crack on with Casa Amor gal Amy, and even secured a snog with her early on. Meanwhile back at the main villa, Chloe was the only girl actually getting to know any of the new lads for the first couple of days, choosing to focus her energy on Dale. Both Chloe and Hugo have struggled in the villa, with Hugo either getting pied by most girls, and then pieing the ones who actually show an interest in him! Chloe, however, has constantly been voted most attractive in the villa, or the girl who each boy would couple up with if they could, but somehow ended up struggling when Toby left her stranded.

Kaz and Tyler – both recoupled

Kaz and Tyler only coupled up two days before the lads went to Casa Amor, but Kaz spent the time sleeping in the lounge with Liberty and Abi. Little did she know that Tyler was cracking on with Clarisse. When the girls received a post card with pictures of the boys with their various girls, Kaz’s mindset changed completely. She started getting to know Matt and then chose to recouple with him, after sharing a romantic kiss together the night before. Meanwhile Tyler brought Clarisse back to the villa, and was pleased at first to find that Kaz had also recoupled, before she explained why she had even bothered getting to know Matt. Since then the pair have had a few dramatic chats which have ended in tears (for Kaz), as Tyler seemed to be feeding both her and Clarisse very different stories.

Faye and Teddy – it’s complicated

Faye and Teddy’s Casa Amor experience was almost as sad as Millie’s, with the arrival of the postcard leading Faye to believe that Teddy had well and truly moved on from her. The opposite was true; Teddy had been sleeping on the day bed with Jake and returned to the villa single! Returning single wasn’t enough for Faye, who recoupled with Sam, neither was Teddy returning carrying her toy dog. Faye was still absolutely fuming at Teddy because he’d kissed someone in a game of truth or dare. By the end of the night though they seemed to be on better terms as they realised they had been set up by the producers. In a later episode they kissed and made up on the terrace, getting the happy ending they both deserve.

So after a relatively slow start to our summer of love, the villa is definitely heating up! Who knows what will happen next?