Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming endeavour. Even last-minute shoppers can find meaningful but affordable presents. We’ve curated a list of 20 fantastic, cheap Father’s Day gift ideas, perfect for those who need some quick shopping inspiration! You’re welcome!

1. DIY BBQ spice rub

diy gift ideas Father's Day

Combine a variety of aromatic spices to create a custom BBQ rub that’s just for Dad. It’s a thoughtful, practical gift that can be prepared in minutes and comes with the added benefit of complementing his favourite BBQ dishes.

2. Subscription to a digital newsstand

subscription magazine
Source: Readly

Grant Dad access to hundreds of magazines with a subscription to a digital newsstand, such as Readly. A last-minute gift that’s both eco-friendly and perfect for the dad who enjoys a good read.

3. Local brewery tour tickets

brewery tours

For the dad who appreciates a good pint, consider getting him tickets to a tour at a local brewery. Many establishments offer affordable tours and tastings, making it a delightful experience without breaking the bank.

4. Memory scrapbook

make a scrap book

A memory scrapbook filled with pictures and notes from cherished moments can make for a very sentimental gift. You can whip up a DIY scrapbook quickly and inexpensively, but it’s priceless to dad.

5. Novelty socks

novelty socks Father's Day gift idea
Source: Sock Vault

This cheap Father’s Day gift idea is really easy to get last-minute, and can be great to make personal. Surprise your dad with a pack of novelty socks adorned with his favourite things or things that you joke about. Be it footie-themed, adorned with dogs, or just brightly coloured, these are a fun and budget-friendly gift that he can use every day. Take a look at Sock Vault for some sockspiration.

6. Gourmet coffee beans

gourmet coffee beans
Source: The Bean Shop

If your father is a coffee aficionado, a bag of gourmet coffee beans from a local roastery can be an excellent choice. It’s a small luxury that makes a great cheap but thoughtful Father’s Day gift idea, which he’ll appreciate each morning. Head to The Bean Shop, where you can grab a bag for only £6.50!

7. Classic paperback books

father's day gift idea cheap and last-minute

If your father enjoys a good book, consider picking up a classic paperback that he hasn’t read yet. Whether it’s an acclaimed mystery novel, a stirring biography, or a fascinating history book, this is a gift that stimulates the mind without emptying your purse.

8. Father’s Day breakfast kit

father's day gift idea

A DIY breakfast kit filled with all of dad’s favourite morning goodies is a thoughtful, inexpensive gift. Toss in his preferred cereals, jams, and a few pieces of exotic fruit for an exciting start to Father’s Day.

9. Personalised keychain

father's day personalised photo key chain ring
Source: Not on the High Street

A personalised keychain etched with a heartfelt message or important date can serve as a constant reminder of your love. It’s a small but meaningful gift that’s easy to procure last-minute.

10. Online masterclass subscription

masterclass subscription for dad

From cooking to photography, there’s a Masterclass for just about everything. A subscription to an online learning platform will not only fit your budget but also enrich dad’s hobbies.

11. Sustainable water bottle

water bottles father's day
Source: Chilly’s

A stylish, reusable water bottle is a practical and environmentally conscious choice. Brands like Chilly’s offer affordable options that don’t compromise on quality, keeping beverages hot or cold for hours. It’s also a good option for dads who love going to the gym or exercising in general – they’ll always need to be hydrated!

12. USB photo album

usb photo album

This is a reallly cheap Father’s Day gift idea that just requires a little bit of effort and access to photos. If you’re running last minute, it could be done overnight. A digital photo album pre-loaded with family pictures can be a touching gift. It’s an inexpensive way to let dad carry his favourite memories with him wherever he goes.

13. Locally-made artisanal cheese

cheese gift hamper

A selection of locally-made artisanal cheeses can be a delicious treat. It’s an affordable luxury, especially for foodie fathers. You could even get a basket or hamper and dress them up or place them on a cheese board, scoring marks for presentation too!

14. Cinema passes

odeon cinema
Source: Odeon

For film-loving fathers, cinema passes are a fantastic last-minute gift. They’re relatively inexpensive and provide a great opportunity for spending quality time together. Find out more about Odeon Limitless and whether or not it’s worth it.

15. Potted herbs

potted herbs father's day

If your dad enjoys cooking, a selection of potted herbs can be a delightful and budget-friendly gift. Basil, rosemary, and thyme are all useful in the kitchen and easy to care for, even for those without green fingers.

16. Personalised mug

cheap father's day gift ideas
Source: Photobox

This is a popular option, but for good reason. A mug emblazoned with a loving message or a fun dad joke is a small but sweet gift. It’s an affordable option that’s easy to organise last-minute, but will make his morning coffee all the more enjoyable. You could also check for photo mugs, but make sure you check delivery times if you’re shopping for last-minute gifts this Father’s Day. You can get a themed photo mug from Photobox for only £6.99!

17. DIY car care kit

car care kit Father's Day gift idea cheap last-minute

A DIY car care kit complete with car shampoo, wax, and a quality wash mitt can be a thoughtful gift for car-loving dads. It’s affordable and practical, plus it provides a fun way for dad to spend his Sunday afternoon.

18. Second-hand bookstore voucher

second-hand books

This gift idea is cheap, last-minute, meaningful AND supporting local businesses over Amazon. It’s an all-round great present for Father’s Day. A gift voucher for a local second-hand bookstore can be a unique and meaningful present, especially for bookworm dads. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also supports local businesses.

19. Gardening tools

gardening tools Father's Day gifts

For the dad who loves gardening, a set of quality gardening tools can make for a great gift. You can find cheap options that are sturdy and practical, perfect for helping dad cultivate his green oasis and making this one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas.

20. Streaming service subscription

netflix subscription

Whether it’s Netflix, Disney+, Prime or other streaming services, getting your dad a subscription can be a great last-minute gift. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and offers countless hours of entertainment. Why not think about his favourite show and find an easy way for him to watch it?

These last-minute, cheap Father’s Day gift ideas prove that you don’t need a huge budget or tons of time to make dad feel special. Whether it’s a DIY car care kit or a digital newsstand subscription, there are plenty of thoughtful gifts that won’t strain your wallet. So this Father’s Day, even if you’re shopping at the last moment, remember that it’s the thought and love behind the gift that truly counts.