As New Year’s Eve approaches, a lot of us are getting nervous about whether or not our plans for an all-out NYE party are going to be squandered, yet again, by the covid pandemic. If you’re worried about your plans for December 31st, here are some plans that you’ll be able to do even if there are restrictions on New Year’s Eve.

1. Zoom 

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If you’re calling with people who are a little competitive, why not play some great virtual games? You can play all sorts of card games through, or opt for something more offensive on Get a bit brainier and play Scattegories online with your friends. If you’re willing to spend some money, you could download Jackbox and screen share with your friends. You can download all the Jackbox games on Steam.

You can also choose to play games without the tech elements, things like Charades or Never Have I Ever are easy to play over a video call. You could also introduce the element of drinks if you wanted to get as hammered as you would on a New Years’ Eve without restrictions!

2. Come Dine With Me 

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Stuck at home with your family/flatmates? Why not do a Come Dine With Me night? You can all cook a meal, or a dish (think starter, main, pud) and you get to rate each others cooking, hosting, and everything else. If you want to go all out, why not come up with characters, too?

3. Murder Mystery Night

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This depends on what your friends or family are like. If they’re not able to take the mick out of themselves, this might not be for them. It involves a lot of pretending, joking, acting, and laughter. Set yourself up a murder mystery game and enjoy watching everyone try to suss out exactly who killed who and how. Just maybe don’t invite the criminology students… the night might end a bit fast.

4. Cocktail Night

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NYE is usually full of extravagance, and just because you’re celebrating at home doesn’t mean you should dial it down. Get the ingredients you need in for some really flash and fancy cocktails and have a cocktail-making competition with your family and friends. Or build yourself a brilliant playlist of bangers, and add in some cocktails and decorations – eventually you’ll forget that you’re at home and think you’re up in a high-end club somewhere. Maybe. It depends on how many cocktails you drink.

5. Pajama Party 

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Maybe you do want to dial it down this year, after all, it has been one long pandemic. If that’s the case, why not get your friends or family to all dress down in their comfiest PJs, and find some great comfort films to watch with buckets of popcorn and all kinds of fun snacks. You can accessorize this in whatever way you want, whether it’s with some games, drinks, or a takeaway. Just enjoy yourself and welcome in the new year with people you love (or tolerate, at least!).

6. Fire, fire and more fire

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Do you have access to outdoor space? Whether that’s in your garden or the local park, head there and have a BBQ! The restrictions still might get in the way a little and limit who you can have there, but you could have a BBQ or bonfire to bring in the New Year, even if it is just with your flatmates. Wrap up warm and get some marshmallows, and you’ll be able to enjoy a free firework show from everyone around you, too!