Trying to find a suitable job when you’re a student can often prove hard enough as it is, but when you add into that a global pandemic? You’re fighting a losing battle. So here are some covid proof jobs for students to make money at uni that won’t have you questioning your financial security every time a new variant emerges.

Supermarket staff

supermarket work for students
Source: JLP Jobs

When the first lockdown hit, suddenly everybody stocked up on everything they could possibly need. Supermarket staff went from being undervalued to ‘key workers’ almost instantly. These roles often pay reasonably well for retail-style work, with competitive rates between stores. It also provides you with useful discounts and skills that will help you score jobs in the future.

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Care staff

Care jobs for students
Source: Community Care

This is not the faint-hearted, nor those with heavy contact time, but if you’re up for a couple of long and potentially dirty shifts a week, care work might be for you. Not only will this give you a lot of transferrable skills, but it is also a job that brings a lot of personal satisfaction through the extent to which you help others. There are always care jobs available, especially during the stage of the ‘pingdemic’ that we are currently in!

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Customer service roles

customer servie student jobs
Source: Hubspot

Another job that didn’t get shut down instantly by covid were customer service roles. A lot of people now work from home rather than from high-rise office blocks, which works even better for students, if anything. All you need is to be able to speak confidently on the phone or through email and instant messages. Companies that provide gas, electric, WiFi, or even online stores like Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing all need customer service staff to help anyone who has an issue with their service.

Where to find work?

Local shops 

corner shop work students
Source: Swindon Advertiser

Supermarkets weren’t the only shops that got to stay open, a lot of local stores got to keep their doors open too. Places like Londis, Nisa, Mulberry’s, McColl’s, all got to keep serving their goods to the locals that needed it. Many of them also started hiring extra staff to allow them to stay open longer. So it’s worth a walk around your university neighbourhood to see if any of your local stores are hiring anytime soon!

Where to find work?

Pop into your local store and ask if they’re hiring, they might take a CV there and then. Alternatively, check the store’s website.

Freelance work 

Freelance work for students
Source: Inspiring Intent

If you’re not sure what hours you want to commit yet, then one way to make money at university that is definitely covid proof is to freelance. We’ve got a list of side hustles that might help you out, but if you want some that are 100% covid proof, sign yourself up for websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and FlexJobs.


fast food work for students
Source: One News

It’s a bit of a stereotype, but whilst a lot of takeaway places and fast-food restaurants limited their menus during lockdown, a large percentage of them stayed open and fed the nation whilst we all just cooked loaf after loaf of banana bread. It’s likely, in the event of another lockdown, that these restaurants would continue to stay open. Most of them pay competitive wages, and you can usually work the hours around your university schedule.

Where to find work?