Dating at a campus university is deceptively hard. You did the hard part: you got someone to agree to date you. But you’re stuck at a campus university with absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do. Here are the top tips for the best dates in a small town, the only thing up to you is the conversation!

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Who doesn’t love a romantic stroll? If you have a particularly beautiful campus, try walking the grounds. Or, if your campus architecture leans more towards the industrial, give a nearby park a chance. Not a big walking fan? Bring a blanket, some snacks and have a picnic! If you’re a reader, ask your date to bring a book. Read for a while then discuss. Not a big reader? Bring a Frisbee or a football and put your date’s sport skills to the test.

Takeout and a Film

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The outside world is scary so why not hole up in a room together. Order some good food, pick a film (or film series) and cuddle up for a viewing party. Make a game out of the choices: one person picks the food; another picks the movie. Or alternate who gets to pick the film. After all, dinner and a movie doesn’t have to be that fancy. If your room needs a revamp before you invite your guest round, why not check out our list of the Top 10 Best Plants for University Rooms.


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Conversation comes easier with a pint in hand, so why not give your date a helping hand. This one’s a classic—no matter how small the town, there will always be at least one pub. But be careful! You don’t want to run into all your uni mates while on a first date…Maybe double check everyone’s busy before you go. Either way, the pub is a great date spot: it’s noisy without having to yell, alcohol is readily available, and, if the conversation dulls, you can always people-watch.

Games night

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Bring out the competitive spirit for this one and see a new side to your date. You’ll learn more about them by watching them play Monopoly in an afternoon than a year of dating. Want to do some gambling? Get a bag of sweets and a deck of cards for some consequence-free betting. Alternatively you could combine a couple of our date ideas and try a pub quiz instead.

Go vintage shopping

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Now this one could be a lot of fun. Why not head to some vintage or charity shops with your date? Do some browsing with your date and see who can find the wackiest item. Who knows, you might even find a gem for your wardrobe! Build an outfit for the other or just go shopping for something you desperately need. After all, aren’t all uni kitchens missing at least one essential thing?

Study date

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With constant assignments, sometimes it’s hard to find time to date. Why not kill two birds with one stone by going on a study date? Get some studying done and a little flirting on the side. If you’re especially smitten, become school-kids again and pass notes back and forth!

Dating at a campus university doesn’t have to be the same boring dates over and over. Being stuck in a small town isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all, you chose a campus university.  Not feeling the dating vibe? Time for more of a hot girl summer? Check out our hot girl summer checklist instead. Let us know in the comments below if you give any a try (or if you have any campus university dating tips!)

Last Updated on September 2, 2022