If you were single this Valentine’s, you probably avoided all things relationship related. However, Eating with My Ex is not like any other lovey-dovey reality show. Imagine sitting down for a fancy meal with The One That Got Away, or The One That Cheated, or anyone you’ve split up with and never thought you’d have to see again… Awkward right? Now imagine watching other people do that… Hilarious, right? Clearly so, as Eating with My Ex is now back for its third season.

To kick things off, the show has started with 4 celebrity specials, all with 2 celeb couples per show. You can watch them here.

Who are the celebrities?

Ryan-Mark Parsons 

He’s a media mogul and columnist, as well as being the youngest ever candidate on The Apprentice. He’s meeting his ex, Oskars. They were together for 6 months and met whilst working in Harrods, London.

Ryan-Mark reckons their business when Ryan-Mark was auditioning for The Apprentice was the reason, but also that Oskars distance towards the end of their relationship was due to him seeing someone else.

Mim Shaik 

Mim is a radio presenter, a broadcaster, and has made appearances on television in shows like Celebrity Masterchef, his own documentary, and other shows.

Together for 6 months, Mim and Destiny met in Birmingham whilst Mim was filming a documentary. They had instant chemistry and lots of fun. They saw each other every couple of weeks, with Mim based in London and Destiny in Birmingham. Destiny decided to go travelling 65 months in, and Mim let her go.

Megan Barton-Hanson and Demi Sims 

Eating with my ex season 3
Source: The Sun

Love Islander Megan has spent her whole career on our TVs trying to find love, firs in Wes Nelson, and then in Demi Sims. TOWIE star Demi is now dating Francessca Farago, but is on the show to get some answers.

Together for 1 month, Megan and Demi are both reality stars. They met working on Celebs Go Dating, and their love went from 0 to 100 in no time. The paparazzi loved them, and whilst Demi reckons Megan was talking to someone else, and Megan says their split was because of her own trust issues.

Ashley McKenzie 

Judo GB champion, Ashley McKenzie competes regularly in the 60kg division. He has also been on our screens before in Celebrity Big Brother, making it to the final in 2012.

Danielle didn’t know Ashley was famous, despite the fact he’d just left Celebrity Big Brother. They had sports in common, with Danielle being a gymnast. Their dates were cheap and cheerful, and Ashley talks about a lack of identity, and a lack of commitment, whereas Danielle was all in.

Nathan Henry 

Geordie Shore star Nathan is beloved by many for his sassy, party lifestyle and his role on the show. He has also been on Celebs Go Dating, in 2019.

Nathan and Tommy met online, but Tommy lived in Amsterdam. They met for the first time as a surprise on the show, with passion and giggles everywhere. After the show, the passion seemed to fizzle. Not helped, of course, when a fellow Geordie Shore star tried to set Nathan up with her friend right in front of Tommy. The couple were together for 5 months before Nathan ghosted his way out.

Tallia and Seb Morris 

Singer-songwriter Tallia Storm starting singing at a young age, and has since released singles, and appeared on reality TV. Her ex, Seb Morris, is a professional racing car driver, who has also taken roles on reality TV… In fact, the couple ‘bumped’ into each other on Celebs Go Dating in 2018.

Together for 6 months, Tallia and Seb Morris met through a mother’s intervention on Twitter. They started strong, with passion and goals uniting them, but then love fizzled into arguments. Both partners reckon the other has changed since the relationship began, but which one of them is right?

James Lock and Yazmin Oukhellou

eating with my ex season 3
Source: Heatworld

Yazmin is best known for her role on TOWIE, where she worked and played alongside her former boyfriend James Lock. The couple dated from 2017 to 2019, and did rekindle their relationship but revealed that they’d split again after a short time.

Yaz, and James were together for 3 years. They liked each other’s presence and loud personality, and the whole relationship was very ‘full steam ahead’. The first year was fantastic, but eventually, it began to break. Yazmin admits to being a pushover, with James not believing in her. Towards the end of the relationship, Yazmin made public and private accusations, and the relationship ended as explosively as it started.

Vinegar Strokes 

Vinegar – aka Daniel Jacobs – is a brilliant drag queen who performed on RuPauls Drag Race UK in its first season back in 2019.

Vinegar and Emile were together for 4 months. They met in drama school, and when they met, Emile was in a relationship with a woman. They dated whilst Emile wasn’t out of the closet, and Vinegar just wanted to be shown off. Unfortunately, after 4 months, Vinegar caught their partner kissing another man.

So clearly, the show is not to be missed. Especially if you love arguments, and yelling at your TV… even though you know they can’t hear you.